How to lose centimeters (instead of gaining them) as you age.

Have you ever sat down on the couch and felt your belly overlap your pants? That feeling of pressure as your fat roll pushes up over your rib cage? Perhaps it’s when you reach down to paint your toenails or pick up something the kids or grandkids left on the floor.


Sadly the days of being a rolly baby are long gone, and belly fat is no longer cute. In fact, when you carry most of your weight on your tummy or over your rib cage it can be very dangerous and is a sign that your liver and organs need help. It wraps around our internal organs and leeches poison into our bodies. It also greatly increases our chances of developing heart disease and diabetes.

TIP: Wrap a tape measure around the biggest part of your waist, and if it’s more than half your height, it’s worth losing a few of those extra centimetres.

The cost of being overweight:

Being overweight increases our risks of developing a whole lot of illnesses and disease such as cancers, heart disease, sleep apnoea, arthritis and diabetes. It can also shorten your lifespan or at least your healthspan (the period of your life you spend in google health as opposed to poor health)

But sometimes we just can’t stop putting things in our mouth!

Sometimes it’s easy to get into bad eating and drinking habits, and before we realise it, we’ve packed on 10-20kgs. Then it becomes hard to lose weight because we still want to enjoy life and have a social life.

When we’re young, a lot of us can eat or drink whatever we want and not put on weight. But, as we get older, things change in our lives and we have to pay more attention not to get fat. Most of us are actually overweight.

So how do we lose weight, stay healthy and live a little as we age? To fix this, we need to start making smarter choices every day about what and how much we are eating and drinking, how much we move, our stress levels and how much sleep we are getting.


Here are 7 simple tips to lose centimetres:

1. Don’t go without the things you love – just reach for the healthier version.

Love pasta? Turn zucchini into noodles with your regular toppings.

Love burgers? Macdonalds, Carls Junior, Burger Fuel, Wendys, and Slick burgers will wrap your burger in a lettuce leaf – practically a salad. You get bonus points if you skip the fries and a coke.

Love lollies and treats? Why not make this protein-rich cashew fudge. The perfect fuel for your next pre or post workout.

Addicted to chips and dip? – Try slicing cucumber or carrots into crackers and dipping them in your favourite dip.

2. Get more sleep

Sleep is an important part of your bodies recovery process. When your body is not getting enough sleep it causes stress. This stress can put you in fight or flight mode and can wreak havoc on your fat storage hormones and cause you to hold on to your weight. Even if you are working out.

3. Reduce Stress

Historically stress has played a vital part in our weight management. During times of stress when we were hungry cave men and out hunting woolly mammoths, our body would hold on to our weight plays to use as fuel so we could hunt and make sure we did not die between hunting sessions. These days the only hunting we do is perusing uber eats or Pinterest recipes to see what we should make this week. Instead of being stressed by hunting our food, we get stressed at work, by our jobs, our kids or our financial or relationship situations. The bad news is this stress can also cause our body to hold onto our calories and store them as fat rather than burning them. Take time to work out and work through the stress of the day is a great way to deal with stress and stop it overwhelming you.

4. Start High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts are a great way to work all of your body parts at the same time. This means you burn the maximum amount of calories, build muscle and rev up your metabolism for the entire day. It’s one of the most effective way to get fit and lose centimetres fast. New to HIIT? Check out our weekly H.I.I.T Classes

5. Take a probiotic

The bugs in your gut have a huge impact on human health. Often after a course of antibiotics, we can develop an insatiable hunger, particularly for carbs and sugar and really pack on the centimetres. This is a sign that the bugs in your gut are out of whack. If you are craving sugar and food and can’t stop thinking about it, a probiotic might help you get your gut bugs under control. They may also reduce inflammation in the gut meaning you are not as bloated which is great for reducing centimetres.

6. Get a personal trainer

When it comes to personal development it is important to have coaches for the things that are important in your life. When I was a child I had a basketball coach, when I was a teenager I had a rowing coach, as a student, I had lecturers and teachers, as an adult I have a business coach, fitness instructors and personal trainers. These people have taught me everything I know and have pushed me towards my goals be they personal, business related or fitness related. Having a personal trainer is more than just having someone to help you set and more importantly SMASH your fitness goals. It is about having that person who holds your accountable and pushes you those few extra steps to get the best result possible.

30 day fitness challenge

7. Start a 30-day challenge.

Do you struggle to fit exercise into your life and make time for yourself? Why not commit to your health for 30 days and build a habit to carry you through 2019.  Get back on track with Bodyfix’s proven 30-day challenge, designed to help busy people build healthier lifestyles. Whether you’re just starting out at the gym, or have been out of action for a while, our 30-day challenge will support you to create simple, healthy habits that you can maintain all year round.

Well, that is our 7 tips. Do you have any tips to share

What do you do to reign it in and keep yourself fit as you age? And where did you get those tips from? We would love to hear from you in the comments box below.

Article by Jessica McDonald

Hi, I am Jess, Gym member, staff member, and customer service ninja here at Bodyfix. You might have seen my face behind the desk, online or simply around the gym. I love that I get to have conversations with our Members and Staff alike to bring you these stories. No matter where you see me, I am always up for a Hello!

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