Chris Solly

Group Exercise Instructor


I’d always been one of those kids more keen to get out on the sports field rather than stay in the classroom, playing for Counties under 17s and surfing during the summer, plus athletics thrown into the mix. When the opportunity came up to play rugby for the army, I jumped at the chance which saw me travel and play rugby throughout NZ, as well as South East Asia and Australasia.

After 5 years or so, I became an assistant PTI – helping train our recruits and infantry soldiers in the second first battalion. This helped me learn and understand how best to train people in a group environment and kept me fit in the process, a passion that I still maintain today.

I currently work fulltime however in early April 2013, I decided that I wanted to explore the possibility of group training again. Following this, I completed my Spin Certification and the rest they say is history....I like to mix things up a bit from the gym, also continuing surfing, playing Div 1 Masters football, tramping and a very recent introduction to hot yoga. Come and say hi if you see me in the gym, I am always happy to share my knowledge with anyone, and I never get people to train in something that I wouldn’t do myself.