Maarie Hutana

Group Exercise Instructor


Maarie has been a yoga teacher for BodyFix for many years.  Her classes are designed to improve your flexibility through deep stretching and challenge your body to build muscle strength and tone.

In the early 1990’s, Maarie began studying Iyengar yoga and developed an interest in meditation whilst travelling India.  She later trained as an Anusara Yoga teacher which is an alignment based hatha style yoga grounded in the Tantric philosophy of recognising the intrinsic goodness within all beings.

Maarie has taught yoga with Type A adults who like to push it hard and sweat, office workers who hope to relieve stress and anxiety, and wiggly kids who need to move and meditate.  She has also combined her love of yoga, belly dance and chocolate in a 90min class of mindful fun.

At her yoga class – be prepared to move, be challenged, stretch, sweat and laugh.  Expect to focus on mindful movement and leave with a sense of peace and calm.

No previous yoga experience necessary.