60 Day Fitness Challenge

(this is 2018 new year promotion saved as a draft in case we want to use it again)

A new year a new you. Make 2018 the best year yet with our Gym Membership + Personal Trainer New Year Promotion.

How many years in a row have you made a grand New Years Resolution to get “fit, healthy, lose 10kgs, get ripped or drop the baby weight” only to find yourself either paying for a gym membership and never going, or turning up with no real plan, and fluffing around and never really getting where with your workouts? It is time to make a new years resolution and stick with it by building healthy habits. After all, we want to be healthy for the whole year, not just the first few weeks in January. It is time to make fitness part of your lifestyle and create some “me time” to look after yourself in 2018.

The problem trouble is:

  • It is hard to stick to the routine of working out. Research shows it takes 60 days to build a habit, so it all starts with a commitment to yourself, to your health and to the future you.
  • You pay for a membership and you never come. Booking yourself into regular fitness classes (we have 38 classes each week) can help make working out fun. BodyFix is great for making fitness friends that way you can look forward to stopping in each week.
  • You never get anywhere with your working out, you never push yourself and just fluff around with no plan. Just as you would use a builder to build your house, a Personal trainer is a great way to build a strong foundation of fitness and help you read your goals. Get a personal trainer, get a plan customized just for you, be held accountable for your fitness goals.

Commit to 60 days and build a habit.

Get a personal trainer for once a week, get a plan just for you, be held accountable.  Book yourself into one of our 38 classes, Make it fun, Make friends at the gym & start feeling & looking good

What do you get as part of the 60-day challenge?

    • A goal-setting session where we really dial in on your goals and how to get you there
      8 x 30 min personal sessions (1 a week) with ongoing support Valued at $45 each  ($360)


    • 8 Weeks Membership valued at $320


    • Unlimited Classes (we have 38 each week to choose from)


  • Unlimited access to the gym
  • A free printable calendar to plan your goals, workouts and count your wins each week.

How much does the 60-day challenge cost?

    • Worth $680 For you just $400 You save $280


    • That is  $340 $200 per month (you save $140)


  • That’s $85  $50 per week (you save $35) – You could easily spend this on a burger and fries and a beer on a Friday night or coffee for the week.

Nitty Gritty

Offer valid until January 31st. Sign up anytime between then and now.

Make a commitment to yourself in 2018

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To get started or find out more please tell us about your fitness and weight loss goals and why you are motivated to smash the next 60 days.