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Booty Fix

Are you looking for a workout to lift and tone your derrière in Christchurch? If you want to tone those buns and strengthen your postural muscles, then come on down to Booty Fix.

Booty Fix Class Timetable:

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Class Benefits

  • Better posture. As a consequence of “sitting disease”, many of us suffer from poor posture.
  • Pain reduction and injury prevention. Strong glutes support the lower back.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Fat loss and fat loss maintenance.

This class is for you if:

  • You want to strengthen, tone and tighten your bottom.
  • You want to build up your postural muscles.
  • You want to work on strengthening up their glutes,
  • You want to learn to target and activate your muscles, works on hip stabilisation and also lower back.
  • People with lower back pain generally have weak deconditioned glutes.

Booty Fix Reviews

“I loved it!!!  Lynne is awesome, love the way she explains how to ensure you are triggering the right muscle groups.  Sometimes couldn’t move for laughter (laughing at myself). Thought my butt hand handled the workout with relative ease this morning, then after my run and a day of sitting at my computer I am really feeling the effects of the workout.” – Annie

Who is the instructor?

Lynne AllenLynne Allen

Where is the class?

29 Leeds Street, Christchurch

Do I need to book in?

No, you sh If it is your first time, just let us know when you book so we can make sure we give you a quick lay of the land and can be there to help you get set up.