Tracey Hurrell

Here is another great member success story from Tracey Hurrell.
tracey hurrel

“How are you meant to believe it, if you haven’t experienced it?”

When I was asked to be the membership success of BodyFix for the month, I have to admit I was a little hesitant as I am no “Twiggy” and have no incredible weight loss to boast about and I certainly am not at peak performance. So I started to think about my journey so far in the world of discipline and exercise.

Why I joined Bodyfix Gym

My friend Jane who is super fit kept telling me I should join the gym with her. All sorts of things ran through my head; beautiful bodies, beautiful people, beautiful Lycra, huge competitiveness, the who is who of the gym world etc, etc. (None of this being for me)

I can do this

However, after a chance meeting with Moo and Kirsten in the car park, they mentioned that I should come in and have a look. A couple of weeks later I did just that, and remember being incredibly impressed and came away thinking, “actually I think I could do this”.

Stressed after the earthquakes

The earthquakes and general life had taken a toll on me in February and I was feeling agitated, fat, bored, scared bla bla bla…. I knew I needed something that could help my mindset, my body and general health. The gym had never appealed as the answer.

The Gym where people know you by name

I went along to BodyFix where I was greeted with a “Hi Trace” after as mentioned above, just one meeting in the car park. We talked about what I thought I needed and they offered me a free consultation with a personal trainer to talk over all my needs.

I then met “Reece” whom I am ever so grateful for. We went for a coffee and worked through all those awful things that one cringes to expose: Weight, eating habits, injuries, goals, my needs, fitness, can and can’t do, want and do not want too, realistic achievements etc. We talked very honestly about what it was that I needed to make the change and what role I would like him to play in that and what would keep me motivated.

On our first training, it shocked me to realise how unfit I actually was and truly thought I was going to cark it….. there and then. I joked with the staff and asked if they had a current CPR certificate as I thought they were going to put it to some use that morning.

Each day things get better

In 8 months, I can not believe how far I have come. I now bike a few kms each time I am there, I walk a few kms and I do my 1 hour programme that Reece sets me up each month and have found a real passion for the boxing bag, which I would have never imagined being an enjoyable exercise.

I am blown away by the sense of achievement that I feel after each session and I seem to have more energy and I certainly feel happier. I am starting to see the results of my efforts and although gradual, I know that I am fitter and I now have a real purpose to go to the gym.

This new found step to a healthier lifestyle is exciting. We are now working on a Nutritional Plan and Steve D is trying to entice me to do a ‘Kick Class’ (Yeah right) In all honesty, for me personally that seems quite a long way off, however, I am now feeling more confident that I could do a pump, cardio or maybe even a spin class next.

So, to me the success is BodyFix.

Their system to help someone like myself who desired a life change. The facilities and environment which are so lovely to exercise in. The newfound friends that I chat away with as we exercise. The personal trainers that work hard for their clients and their needs. Then there is the staff at BodyFix who are always so welcoming and encouraging and I enjoy the partnership we have, their commitment and with mine together to make the body, mind and soul a complete BODYFIX.

I love it!

Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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