Swap Cardio for Strength with Lynne Allen Personal Trainer at Bodyfix Gym Christchurch

I work my ASS off and I’m not seeing results, argh!

Is this you?

It’s bloody frustrating right?

And it happens all too often.

Now we tend to fall into a few different gym categories:


Cardio Queen – You do cardio most days and work your butt off, you walk the dog, eat well 90% of the time but just aren’t seeing results. Is this you?



Office Warrior – You go to the gym, possibly even see a PT but then have to sit for hours on end in meetings and just feel blah like your hard work isn’t getting you anywhere. Hands up anyone?



Gym Junkie – You do group exercise classes every day that finishes with a ‘Y’ but probably aren’t as strict with your nutrition, haven’t put heavier weights on that bar for a good few months and have seen no difference in your body shape in all that time.


Now obviously I’m being super general and trying to give the bear a gentle poke but I need you to understand this.

Are you ready?

You CANNOT keep doing the same thing day after day, week after week and expect a different result.

If it’s not working then change what you are doing!

Have you seen that meme “Cardio? I just lift weights faster.” Well that’s me. Other than my one Spin Class a week you will rarely see me doing much cardio. I view cardio for health. I would NOT do it to get leaner.  It is not effective for long term fat loss. Do I need to say that again?

Cardio is not effective for long term, sustainable fat loss. 

You will lose muscle and slow your metabolism down, that is the last thing we need to be doing!

As women get older (sigh) we NEED to build our lean muscle. We need it! We need it to pick heavy things up! We need it to rev up our metabolism! We need it for definition! We need it for strong bones! I am so passionate about this that I’ll use all the exclamation points I can until you hear me.

Muscle has been described as like retirement savings: The more you invest now, the larger base you have to function longer. Just function. We haven’t touched the surface of looking better, burning more fat, being stronger to be able to do daily tasks easier.

“OK stop yelling at us Lynne! We hear you Lynne but what can we do about it?”

  1. Take two of your cardio sessions and turn them into strength training sessions.
  2. Have no idea what to do on the gym floor?
  3. Talk to a personal trainer! Click here to learn more about our Personal Training Team at Bodyfix
  4. Find one that you like, make sure they know their stuff and just listen to them.
  5. If you can’t find one then call me. I’ll rant at you (in a good way) until you realize that strength is the foundation to everything we do. And bloody hell I guarantee you will feel so much more capable, confident and kick-ass before you know it.

Lynne Allen is all about making you a better version of you, that’s it plain and simple.

Whether it is a stronger version of you, a leaner version of you, a happier, more content, more energetic, more kick ass version of you (the list goes on) whatever goal you have it is my job to get you towards it (and we will have fun doing it).

Want to meet with Lynne and learn how to swap  your cardio sessions for strength sessions?


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Article by The Bodyfix Team

We are the team dedicated to helping you set your goals and smash them. At Bodyfix we are like family, the working out is only the start and we are here with you for every step of your journey! xxx

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