Starting the Year Back in our Christchurch Gym with Personal Trainer Carolynne Bett

Coming back from holiday can be daunting task… often people say to me:

oooh I feel so unfit, I feel weak.. I’ve only been walking on the beach!

Firstly; a break from training is great. I always recommend a little reset for all of my training clients,

What no exercise??

Hear me out, I said RESET, I’m not suggesting you sit on your arse for two weeks but hey.. if that is what your body needs, listen to it; walk heaps, swim heaps and enjoy sports with your family… the old bat down cricket was a popular sport while we were on holiday!

Kids playing cricket

Now don’t be arrogant when you first start exercising after a break… you need to reduce the intensity for those initial sessions.

  • Don’t push too hard from the start because you risk injury – begin by taking some load off, lighter on the weights or lessen the reps.
  • Focus on the food you are eating – make sure you are fueling your body accordingly.
  • Set a series of small attainable goals – this can help with getting your fitness momentum going, until your discipline kicks in!
  • Stretch properly – don’t skimp on this, it’s likely that your body will be sore, make sure you are minimizing this for yourself!


Finally…. Listen to your body. Your success with your fitness goals will be dependent on you knowing your limitations… know when to push yourself and know when to ease back.


 Carolynne Bett is a Personal Trainer at our Bodyfix Gym,
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Article by The Bodyfix Team

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