Smashing Misconceptions at our Independently Owned Christchurch Gym

Over my 28 years of working in the fitness industry the countless times I have heard many people saying how they have joined gyms and they just were not for them but that is just  one of many misconceptions.  There are so many misconceptions around gyms that just keep coming 🤦‍♀️ so I thought I would share my views on a few.Choices


You only go to a gym to lose weight 🤦

We do not market our Club as a place to lose weight, our club is a place where we encourage people to become fitter, healthier and happier.   A place where we look to encourage people to make small changes to allow everyone to live their best life at the highest level everyone possibly can.

Why? Because if you are fit, healthy and happy anything in life is possible.

  • Success in life can never be measure by how much weight you lose through dieting or exercising.
  • True success is how we treat our bodies and others in our lives.
  • Joining a gym means you respect your body enough to look after it.


Gyms are for fit people.  “I want to join but I’ll wait till I am fitter before I join “🤦

New Zealand has the third highest adult obesity rate in the world, and our rates continue to increase. One in three adult New Zealanders (over 15 years) is classified as obese, and one in ten children. Sadly only a small % of people love fitness and the rest well not so much.

  • Gyms can be the perfect solution for those are not excited about working out Why? Because once you are there you will feel motivated by the energy and the environment.
  • Seeing others exercising can be so inspiring and after all, we all want to add energy and inspire our friends and families, right? Yes, we do!


I can’t join a gym because I have to like to exercise 🤦

😂 When you see people smiling while working out they often/ generally don’t enjoy it at the time lol.  There are many people who are not raving fans of exercise but they have a desire and want to become fit and healthy and as we know movement is life.

  • You don’t have to like/love exercise but trust us you will love the way it makes you feel and the results that follow.


And that is a feeling you can’t buy


Gyms are so expensive 🤦

Yes, they are if you don’t go – it’s that simple.  People believe gyms are too expensive, that is because they start and then they stop going.  It is like anything, if we purchase something and don’t use it, it becomes a waste.  We could say if memberships were more expensive maybe people would be more motivated to go.  Who knows? 🤷‍♀️

  • Gyms have never been more affordable.  The key is to just use it and look at it as adding quality to the length of our life with a kind reminder that fitness is a personal celebration you are alive and can still move. What is too much to pay for just one hour to benefit your health and life?


All gyms are the same 🤦‍♀️

Well yes, gyms provide a space for people to exercise.  They come in all shapes and sizes. There are large chains, small chains, franchise clubs, independent clubs, women’s gyms  and the list goes on. So no, they are not all the same.  The programmes, the culture, the vibe, the type of community that is created inside a Club is different – so in that respect, gyms are not all the same.

  • Fitness for life means you either approach your body and mind with respect, or you disrespect the gift of your own life and health and then everything that defines a healthy human being, such as the ability to pick up a grandchild or to walk on the beach, is taken away from you.


I can’t join a gym because I’m injured 🤦

Never has there been a more untrue statement.  Good gyms can and will work with Drs, physios and other health practitioners. The thing is if you have a degenerative condition i.e. arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol (the list goes on) it is imperative to get sorted in regular exercise. The positive psychological effects of being around motivated, energetic people are huge.  So you see not being in perfect health is not a reason or an excuse not to get started at a gym. If you choose to ignore your health, your body, your fitness then that is your choice.  Sadly we often do not realise the importance of it until we can’t play with our kids, we can’t get out of our chair without help, we can’t walk anywhere without puffing and the list goes on.


Overall 🤗

We encourage you all to find a gym that fits with you and your life.  Find a gym where the people care and the people make you smile.  Find a gym where you enjoy going to each day and one where you walk in and the people know your name and know YOU.  Find a gym where you are challenged, motivated and feel inspired.  Throw away the misconceptions of joining a gym, change your mindset and trust us when we say that joining a gym gives us so much more than we realize.


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Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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