5 Ways To Prioritise Wellness And Make Yourself a Priority As A Mum

Are you prioritising your wellness each day and making yourself a priority as well as your kids? As a Mother life can become overwhelming and draining and things can start to get on top of you.

Does my scenario sound familiar to you?…

I didn’t even notice the little things sneaking up on me. We were increasingly busy, each day after school we were managing something, dashing here to sport, or another appointment, trying to keep up with visiting the increasingly elderly parents,  seeing friends, managing my own business, work commitments.

When did it become a badge of honour to be so busy? When you chat to people, ‘How are you? ‘ if they don’t say something about being so busy are they lazy??

The pressure was on

More and more time pressured, and I noticed the bad habits sneaking in, not spending the time to cook vegetables so making do, omelettes, cooked chicken and a quick salad.  Not getting to the fruit and vegetable shop and increasingly fewer vegetables in the house. No time to eat lunch so shovelling in something after the school run and so on so on…. Shit food, affecting my sleep, the familiar old wake up times of 1.00am, 2.00am, 3.00am then finally away for the day feeling terrible at 4.30am.  Too busy to prepare meals, too knackered to spend quality time with Theo, barely finding time to exercise… how is that even possible when I work out of a gym???

Making a decision to prioritise my health

I had to stop, and recognise this is how it all played previously, add a non-sleeping baby into the mix, no family support and a job I hated, and boom here we go, a terrible cycle that leads to Adrenal Fatigue and some pretty dark days followed by a slow path back to wellness.  This was three years ago, and it took 2 years at least to recover, I cannot allow myself to go back to that place.  So, I had to draw a line in the sand, and prioritise my own wellness, because as a Mum who works there are some key elements without my wellness, it just doesn’t work.

Choose Happiness and Create some “me time” not just “we” time.

Here’s the thing, life is hard, wonderful and should give you a lot of joy. It is time to carve out some time to prioritise yourself. If you are not happy with your life, stop brushing that feeling under the carpet and address the why; frankly each and every one of us deserve to live a full and happy life, addressing the lack of happiness in your life can be incredibly uncomfortable, but so important, there are so many ways to address it, and junk food wellness will only work for a little why we need to address it without brushing it under the carpet.

Here are some of the things I’ve done recently to prioritise my own wellness because frankly I am and will be happy in my life:

1. Exercise, the truth of the matter is that without it, I know that I am more tired, my hips ache, I am grumpy, I feel gross. It’s not always easy to fit it in, trust me I wish there were more hours in the day, but here are a few things I do, I block it out in my diary, and schedule all of my clients around it.   It has to take a priority; as a parent, I am calmer, more energetic and feel like I am not overwhelmed so how can I feel guilty for taking time away from my child to exercise?  I run a Mum’s and Bub’s class because this is what helped me when I was recovering from Adrenal Fatigue, being able to take my toddler.  Exercise doesn’t have to look the same for me as it does for you, but you really do need to prioritise it.


2. It’s ok to say no to things. It’s ok to turn down a family dinner every now and then, it’s ok to turn down an outing with friends, it’s ok to miss a social weekend away.  I put in my apologies to the PTA Monthly meeting, I turned down the catch up with friends during the week, I said no to a client who wanted to meet last minute.

3. Prioritise your sleep. If sleep is a problem, its important to prioritise it, so turn off the TV an hour earlier a night, spend time winding down, Guided meditation, Shakti Mat, Reading before bed, are all things that I now know that I need to do, to ensure a good sleep, and prioritising them before bed has become routine. Its stressful hearing about how important sleep is, if you are not getting enough, so spend the time finding out what helps your quality of sleep in a healthy manner.


4. It sounds simple but eats vegetables with every meal, just do it. Have a good hard look at what you are eating and why you are eating what you are.  Seek a professional to help you if you are not eating in a healthy way to nourish yourself.  There’s the old saying that you can eat all the Kale, Do all the Yoga but if you don’t look at why you eat what you eat you will never make any changes.  Address the why if its disordered, see a Wellness Coach and a nutritionist…. It will make a difference I promise.

How do spiky massage balls work

5. Sometimes it can take external help to understand that you as a parent deserve to put yourself first, it may be an alternative therapy, it could be learning how to meditate, it may be Reiki or Kinesiology, it may be a counsellor, to be perfectly honest I always felt guilty prioritising myself, for some reason I felt I didn’t deserve to prioritise myself, I addressed it and it has changed my life.

How are you going to look after yourself?

I don’t know why we as parents put ourselves last, but really we need to put ourselves first, you can’t drink from an empty cup of water. That was the 5 ways I prioritise wellness in my life. I would love to know what you are doing to recharge your batteries and create some “me time” so please leave me a comment below.


Article by Carolynne Betts

Hi, I’m Carolynne, I strongly believe that ‘Without our own wellness we are nothing’. As a personal trainer am passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health and wellness. I am here to help you set goals and achieve results all while supporting wellness. My special sauce is my realistic approach and understanding of the challenges that raising a family and managing a career can bring. Learn more

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