Our Procedures to Keep you Safe at Bodyfix Gym During Level Two

Our Plan

The past several weeks proved something we knew all along: Bodyfix is not just a place it’s a mindset. It’s in our hearts.  It’s in our homes. It’s who we are, and we are so bloody excited to be opening our doors tomorrow.

The health & well-being of each and every one of you and our Team is my top priority and this has guided my decisions during this time, including the preparation of our Club for safe reopening.

While there has been a lot of thought put in to how the Club will look and I am unsure of how the Club will run from a numbers point of view but please can I ask for everyone’s patience as it will take a few days for us to get using the Club to see how things are working or not working. And in that case, we can fix asap.

Lastly, I really appreciate that everyone will have an opinion on Covid-19 in regards, to what people should be doing and not doing.  The processes and protocols we have set in place are the guidelines we are following set out by Exercise NZ, Sport NZ and Work safe.

What I would like to ask and make very clear is that it is not up to any member to be telling another member what they should and shouldn’t be doing. 

If you see someone not adhering to the rules that we have set in place, please speak directly to myself or any of Our Team and we will handle it from there.  Thanks so much!

We are one community we are one team and we are one #gymfamily.  We are so grateful that you are part of it.  WE are in this together.  Let’s keep on supporting each other as much as we can and let’s get these bodies moving ?

Many Thanks Moo & Our Amazing Team!

Entering The Club

Before you enter the Club we ask that you read the new Conditions of Entry and the questions below.  By accessing the Club each time you will be accepting these conditions of entry.

Conditions of Entering The Club 

➡️ Please stay home if you are sick

➡️ Wash or sanitise hands before entering the club and when moving through different areas

➡️ You must scan your tag

➡️ You must bring your towel & drink bottle every time you work out

➡️ All equipment you use must be wiped down equipment before and after use

➡️ Please ensure you keep your distance from others in the club at all times

Covid-19 Health Questions

➡️ You have not returned, or been in contact with anyone else who has returned, from overseas in the past 14 days

➡️ You have not been in contact with any known or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days

➡️ You do not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19

➡️ You do not have COVID-19 nor are you awaiting the results from being tested for COVID-19

Outlined below is how the Club will work!

The processes and protocols we have set in place are the guidelines we are following set out by Exercise NZ, Sport NZ and Work Safe.

➡️ Reduced Timetable for the next 2 weeks

➡️ Limited numbers in classes

➡️ Ensuring Physical Distancing

➡️ Ensuring 15mintues between each class

➡️ Additional Sanitizing Stations throughout the Club

➡️ Extra equipment cleaning

➡️ Water fountain has been turned off

➡️ Compulsory Towels no towel no workout we do have them to purchase so if you forget

➡️ COVID – 19 specific signage up in the Club

➡️ Gloves and Masks available for all Members & Staff

Health & Hygiene

We would like to ask that every Member takes responsibility and respects the space of others and ask that we all use our common sense when in the Club.

➡️ Sanitizing Hands

➡️ Washing Hands

➡️ Covering coughs and sneezes

➡️ Ensuring social distancing

➡️ Ensuring you use your own towel

➡️ Bringing in your own drink bottle

➡️ We have also encouraged that you bring your own Yoga Mat, Boxing Gloves and bands that maybe needed. We will still have all of these for use if you do not have your own but please see Front Desk and we will guide you from here.

Contact Tracing

All members must use their tag when they come into the Club, no one can enter the Club without their tag.  If you have forgotten your tag you must wait at our Front Desk until we can sign you in.  Please no tailgating through behind someone else. This is extremely important, especially as at anytime this information is required by the Ministry of Health or Work Safe.

Gloves & Masks

Gloves and masks are not a requirement and are not compulsory. However we do have gloves and masks available at Front Desk if you have forgotten to bring yours.

Sanitizer/Paper Towels/Disinfectant/Wet wipes

When you enter the Club we ask that you use the sanitizer for your hands before you tag through. These are also throughout the Club and also and additional two sitting on the stage in the Group Exercise Room, one more in the Spin Room & two in the gym.

But you know the golden rule wash wash wash your hands with soap and water often (if you sing happy birthday right the way through that is long enough) ?

Extra Cleaning and Notes 

OMG I have major OCD issues with cleaning as you all know ?‍♀️ so yes all staff will be cleaning and we would ask that all members wipe down equipment before and after use to help us keep equipment clean.

Changing Rooms 

This is where we need everyone to use common sense. The Changing Room will be open however we want to highly encourage:

➡️ If you can come dressed in your workout gear ready to go that will mean you get in and out quicker and help with physical distancing.

➡️ We would like to encourage that if you can shower at home that would be so helpful and again help with physical distancing.

➡️ This is area is one area that we will need all be very aware of.  We have tried to space out classes so there is no cross over and we will be monitoring this area.

Waiting For Classes

Again we would ask that everyone use their common sense here. All Instructors will give you all guidance on how to exit after your classes.  We would encourage that you come in just a few minutes before your class starts and go straight the room where your class is being held.  However if you are waiting for a class we ask that just you are ensuring the 2 metre physical distancing practices.

The Drinking Fountain

The drinking fountain has been turned off. We are being extra cautious and taking precautionary steps to minimize Covid-19 potential spread.

Foam Rollers, Stretching Mats, Yoga Mats, Resistance Bands

We would highly recommend that for our Yoga Classes that you do look to purchase and bring in your own mats. Stretch & Yoga Mats will be available for use these must be cleaned before and after use to keep everyone safe and again there will be disinfectant spray bottles and paper towels around all over the Club.

Resistance Bands & Foam Rollers will NOT be available at the moment we do highly encourage that you purchase one of our Spikey Balls $20 and we will also have Resistance bands for sale at the cost of $10, Booty Bands for $25 in the meantime.

Click here to see products available to purchase from the club


Yes we would love to see your friends and family at the Club all that would happen is that we would need them to sign our Register and also our Conditions of Entry and Health Questions. But let us know if you would like us to give them a call and get them sorted – easy!


Class Number Limits

The Government’s indoor limit for a ‘gathering’ is 100 people and this includes staff. We never at any one time ever have 100 people in our Club.  We have put a limit on all of our Classes though to allow for good physical distancing practice of 2mtres. All Instructors will give you guidance on this in all classes.

Bookings for Classes

Yes at this stage as it will allow us to make sure we can ensure we are adhering to the physical distancing requirement in all of our classes.

Can I get into the Classes I want?

We would love to say yes but with the Government restrictions in place for Level 2 you may not be able to get into every class you want to. But please know we will do our very best to accommodate everyone. Remember it won’t be forever ?

Reduced Timetable

We have reduced the class timetable for the next 2 weeks to ensure that we can manage the flow of people to and from studios and changing rooms, and to give ourselves – and you – time to wipe down and clean equipment between classes. We will update you weekly of our timetable changes and we will also have this up on our Timetable board.

Can We Still Use The Gym?

Yes you can. You can use as usual. The Gym Floor is not considered a ‘gathering’ Areas where individuals are moving in and out on a regular basis are not considered a ‘gathering’ and should follow physical distancing rules it is where attendance could exceed capacity, a system to manage/limit entry is recommended but our gym floor is okay!

After Hours Access

After Hours Access is available. We are required to undertake random checks through the surveillance system to ensure all of our requirements are being met.



Article by The Bodyfix Team

We are the team dedicated to helping you set your goals and smash them. At Bodyfix we are like family, the working out is only the start and we are here with you for every step of your journey! xxx

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