One Year at our Leeds Street Location Celebration – Next Year is the Big TEN!

Well here we all are again…………it’s awesome to see you all here tonight and thank you all for taking the time to share with myself and our Team celebrating our 1st year being here at Leeds Street….. I’m not really a talker so I won’t dribble for too long and I’m lucky to remember what I did yesterday so I really had to take a moment to think about where the past year has gone and what has happened over this time.

I did just take some time though to reflect on the last 9 years….


A year where there was so much uncertainty for all of us, we had forgotten what a normal day was like. Drinking water, being able to flush a toilet, first aid kits, torches, radios, food, cars always filled with petrol, cell phones charged, knowing where friends and family were, business owners dealing and facing their own problems……… these were the things that became important to all of us.  How 2-3 minutes can change our lives, how quickly our priorities changed but we chugged away in Tuam Street.

1st April 2019 we moved from Tuam Street to Leeds street.

March 2020………Coronavirus hit.

The whole country stops literally, how quickly it took us back to how we felt in 2011.

All of us here tonight have encountered our own personal challenges and some worse than others and our hearts go out to you all.   There have been lost homes, lost family, lost friends, lost jobs and the list goes on.  There has been one common denominator amongst us all – Bodyfix.

In 2011 when Bodyfix opened….

It was a place that gave everyone some normality back into their lives, it was a place where our Team could help every one of you feel better and take your minds off the outside world even if it was just for an hour.

It was a place where you could all share your stories, your lives, but most of all it was a place where we could all take the time to talk to each, create new friendships or build on current friendships, share your problems and amongst all of this, getting fitter and just feeling better about ourselves.


This a special place for our team.


Each day is filled with plenty of heartfelt conversations, we laugh so hard we cry and plenty of times nearly wet our pants, the eye roll & face palm moments, there are plenty of tears, hugs, the odd swear word – but every day is filled with so much passion, motivation, so much heart and soul.


So 9 years on and here we all are celebrating our 1st year In this beautiful space……all we must say you are all looking younger and more glamorous as the years go by!


 New friendships have been made, old friendships have been strengthened, we have experienced tragedy, celebrated new life, we have laughed hard & enjoyed each other’s company and yet again the one thing that has brought us all together is Bodyfix where we are still sweating and working our bodies like there’s no tomorrow 🙂


We would like  thank you all so very much for being part of Bodyfix and making it what it is today!!!


And lastly I would just like to acknowledge our Team.  Not all of them could make it tonight but I am so very blessed to be surrounded by them.


2019/2020 has seen some major changes in our Team and those changes while at the time saw us going backwards for a period of time what it did was allow us to create a brand new path a new culture and one where everyone in our Team has a mutual respect for each other. Sometimes there are never enough words to express how grateful I am for you all.


I heard a saying that you have friends of the road and friends of the heart.

Friends of the road are the people you come into contact with here and there and you may not seen for them years.

Friends of the heart are the people that will stay with you for life, I am extremely, thankful,  grateful and also very humble to have a team that are friends of the heart.


So if we can all raise our glasses, to the members of Bodyfix and to our first year, next year is our 10th year and may there be many more! x



Thanks to Jase and the team at Happy Hire, Hannah at Crisp and Vale Catering and Vicky at Vic’s Kitchen

We had a fabulous set up, delicious snack snack and mouth watering cakes! We love supporting local and when that local also means members of our gym, well, we really are a big family!


Enjoy some of our #partysnaps below….!


Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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