5 Ways to get on top of your Health for Men’s Health Week 2019

When I think of my father throughout my childhood, teens, 20s and 30s I can count on one hand the number of times he visited a Doctor. I never saw him step foot in a gym We did have a small home gym in the garage, but his visits to that were few and far between. I watch as his belly grows each year through his 40s, 50s and low 60s and see him guzzle back cup after cup of coffee… and it worries me. What is that doing to his heart!… Hell, what is it doing to my heart!

It’s time Men put themselves first and started with some self-care!

There is this Staunchness about him, a she’ll-be-right attitude that is true of many men in New Zealand. It seems to stop him from taking care of himself. Yet he is always there to take care of my Mother, My siblings and I.

With that in mind, it’s time to put the Focus on Men’s Health this Men’s Health week. So we are offering FREE Health Checkups/Consultations for Men in the month of June for anyone who has decided it is time to get fit… but they are just not sure how to get started! To Secure your spot Contact Us.

5 Ways to get on top of your Health for Men’s Health Week 2019.

1 – Get a Free Health Checkups/Consultations for Men at Bodyfix:

We all have fitness goals, no matter our age or gender. It might be staying limber as we age, keeping up with the kids and grandkids at the park, making it up to the Rapaki track without stopping or maybe finally checking the rail trail off your bucket list. If you are interested in becoming more active and you are not really sure where to start. Then our FREE Health Checkups/Consultation is for YOU #MenStartTalking 

During this session, one of our personal training team will have a chat with you to find out where you need help and what your goals are. It is totally free and gives you a chance to hatch a plan. We can even throw in a free pass so you can take a look around the gym, do a workout and see if it is a good fit for you. And if you decide to commit to your health and sign up as a member we will give you a month free.

Get in touch to secure your spot

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2 – Get a Checkup At the Doctor:

The theme is #MenStartTalking, and every week we’ll be focusing on a different aspect of Men’s Health. This week, get a Check-Up. If you’re going to your doctor regularly, they’ll tell you there’s almost nothing they can’t help you with. Even something like cancer is treatable if you catch it early. But if you haven’t been to the doctor for a few years, (some of us haven’t been for ten years or more), the fear factor can be massive. You almost don’t realise how big it is until you phone up to book your appointment. Brave it out. Pick up the phone and make an appointment to see your doctor for a general check-up this week, even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong. You would pay for a trip the mechanic and a warrant of fitness for your car… so why not do it for your health.

3 – Curb the Sugar.

We now know that sugar is causing an epidemic of health problems: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, low energy. It’s hidden in so many processed foods, half the time we don’t even know we’re eating it. Take a look at what you’re putting into your body. If you’ve gotten into the habit of eating packet meals and drinking sugary drinks, try preparing your meals from basic ingredients and drinking water, even if it’s just for a week. You’ll feel better for it and maybe break a few bad habits.

4 –  Check in with a Mate

Of course, it’s not all about us. How are our mates doing? How’s their health? Maybe they’ve got a problem, physical or otherwise, that they’re keeping to themselves instead of getting help for. So take a moment this week to ask your mate how he’s doing. Just starting the conversation might be what he needs to take the next step. And don’t worry about not having the right answer, just get that conversation started. #MenStartTalking

5 – Try & Touch your Toes.

When you look down, can you see your toes? Or is your stomach getting in the way? We might love our bellies, but it’s a sad truth that our fat bellies aren’t loving us back. Stomach fat is actually really dangerous to our health. It wraps around our internal organs and leeches poison into our bodies. It also greatly increases our chances of developing heart disease and diabetes. So take a look at your belly this week, and decide if you need to slim down a bit. If you’re interested in learning more about reducing centimetres and belly fat you might like our blog HOW TO LOSE CENTIMETERS (INSTEAD OF GAINING THEM) AS YOU AGE.

TIP: Wrap a tape measure around the biggest part of your waist, and if it’s more than half your height, it’s worth losing a few of those extra centimetres.

What are your fitness goals for men’s health week?

We would love to hear them, so please be sure to drop us a comment in the box below and let us know you stopped by. Not great at setting goals? or sure where to start? Get in touch to secure your FREE Health Checkups/Consultation


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