Member of the Month – Vanessa Seath, Going to the Gym Makes you Feel Better, Mentally and Physically.

Well….my fitness journey really started when I hit a bout of depression, I was living in Dunedin and this was just after having my children. I knew that exercise in the past had always made me feel better.

I knew that all the research out there supported this.

So I got a PT and joined a gym.

It made a huge difference physically, but most importantly mentally.

Then when we moved to Christchurch nearly 4 years ago, I started looking for a gym – I tried a few over a year but didn’t find one that really clicked. Then I came across a lovely, slightly mad lady called Pitena, who convinced me to try BodyFix…..she told me all about it (in detail), and said it was more than a gym… was a community (a bit like the show Cheers where everyone knows your name).

I remember thinking really? a gym that does that?

I went to Body Fix to see what it was about. My first encounter was at the front desk they were so friendly and welcoming. They showed me around the gym and also said how much they loved being there and what a community it was.

This got me thinking….

So I did my 7 day trial, and thought yeah why not give this a go….so I joined the body fix community….little did I know what exactly I was joining! lol.

I then asked about a Personal Trainer and got told you’ll do great with Big Red….”sorry big who?” …..I remember feeling quite scared…
Sooooo I met Big Red, and shall we say it was a great match….not just the programmes she does but her humour, and the way she explains things, and makes you feel good ( even when you have been a bit of a plonker!). All Visual learners should go to Lynne…..
I was as they say “hooked”.

Click here if you want to know who “Big Red” is…

Now after 2 and a half years I can honestly say it is one of the best things in my life ( no exaggeration). It really is a community….and people really do know your name. I remember doing a spin class early on and the instructor said afterwards….you are Vanessa right? I was a bit taken a back until I found out later that this is what the Group Instructors do- they get to know who each person is, in their class.

And what can I say about Moo? Well, through my experience she is there through thick and thin. I have had some ups and downs and some really hard times, especially in the last year. Moo goes beyond the role of owning a gym. She has kept up with where I am at and has text me when I’ve been struggling ( like when my dad died suddenly end of last year). She really makes this gym more than a gym. I believe she really will leave this world a better place. (and a lot cleaner too, lol)
As well as the staff, everyone who goes there is pretty friendly. I now know people in my Punch and Spin classes. Most members give you a nod or a smile or a greeting when you are there. And give you support on MyZone. Yes Pitena you were right .

SO these days you will find me; taking Punch classes -with Aaron, spin classes where I try to annoy Henry another member who has become a friend, gym workouts with Lynne – and maybe a tiny bit of talking and laughing, good conversations with Moo. Laughs with anyone who will laugh with me (often, Jess, Carolynne and Lynne). I love it.

I can feel myself getting stronger and fitter each week and most importantly my mental health is being looked after.
My advice to anyone starting is to

ONE; give it a go. Talk to Moo and Jess on the front desk about what you feel you need and then try. There is no judgement, only support (and lots of positive quotes in the toilet).

TWO; get into MyZone, it has been an amazing motivator and a good record to see your progress. And lots of people send you encouragement, BooBoo!


THREE; an important aspect I have learnt through working with Big Red, is to be fully present in your training and really engage with what you are doing. It really does pay off.

I would like to see my future as continuing to become fitter and stronger and to give more things a go ( maybe even one of the HIIT Classes ……gulp).

My main goal is to make my time at BodyFix a routine. Something part of my life that is not an extra but something habitual.
Something that just has to happen, like eating breakfast.
See you there.

Article by Jessica McDonald

Hi, I am Jess, Gym member, staff member, and customer service ninja here at Bodyfix. You might have seen my face behind the desk, online or simply around the gym. I love that I get to have conversations with our Members and Staff alike to bring you these stories. No matter where you see me, I am always up for a Hello!

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