Member of the Month – Jonny Bloy,Three Generations at our Christchurch Gym

How did your fitness journey start?

I had a ‘compelling event’ – injured my shoulder getting into our roof-space. It took ages to heal I realised I wasn’t getting any younger and frankly I was unhappy with my lack of fitness and not fitting my old shirts I’d ‘grown out of’. The injury made me decide I needed to make a start and stop the excuses.


What do you have to say about the classes you currently do and who you have trained with in the past?

I love the classes! (Click here to see our full class schedule!)I started with Spin as I felt I could hide at the back and now do this and HIIT – not so many places to hide in HIIT! Really enjoying the dynamic of High Intensity Interval Training, although the burpee numbers seem to be growing?** I also train with Chris once a week to keep me focused, accountable and push me to be stronger than I’ve ever been.

**Burpees are a hot topic of banter in our classes** LOL


What have been your influences in being active, getting fitter or staying so?

Mainly my family – Seeing my kids growing up has really focused me on being fitter. My daughter wanted me to complete the run to remember with her, so that helped focus my training. I also attend the gym with my Son who now trains along side me. Last week, my Mum joined as well – may as well make it a family affair.

*Since we last caught up with Jonny his father has joined us aswell!


How has Bodyfix played a part in your journey and how did you come to find us?

I got referred to Bodyfix from my brother. I also managed to rope my other brother along too! Bodyfix has been a game changer for me. Firstly, the place is really welcoming from the moment you walk in which I think most people notice as a key difference, its clean, modern and I don’t feel under any pressure to be flashy. I like the whole vibe!


What piece of advice can you offer others who are looking to start their journey or who might be lost as to where to start?

Just start! Set a goal and get into a good routine – small steps and you’ll soon be confident. It took me 2 months to make it a habit. The MyZone belt and monitor has really helped me… I like targets and the belt uses colours to keep it simple when letting me know how hard im working. and if I need to try push that little further. Also crucial to my journey has been working with a Personal Trainer, Chris Solly – a game changer – he doesn’t yell at me, but keeps it fresh and challenging.

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What do you see for your future in this next year/ decade?

I want to be strong and fit.

I want to keep up a healthy routine and keep changing the focus areas for me at Bodyfix.

During lock down, I set a target of a half marathon, and was able to knock it out thanks to my base fitness and doing the youtube classes of Steve and Moo… I’ll set some fresh objectives soon, but at the moment just having fun with my training and being able to fit my old shirts!

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Article by Jessica McDonald

Hi, I am Jess, Gym member, staff member, and customer service ninja here at Bodyfix. You might have seen my face behind the desk, online or simply around the gym. I love that I get to have conversations with our Members and Staff alike to bring you these stories. No matter where you see me, I am always up for a Hello!

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