I’m 67 years of age and have been exercising for 13 years now. I find it good for my health and at my age it keeps me healthy and fit.

I have been with Bodyfix right from the time it opened in 2011. It is a small gym which I love so much. Finding a park is so easy, the classes and friendliness is one you would struggle to find anywhere else. It is a clean and tidy and everyone of the staff take a great amount of pride to keep it this way.

But the one thing I love at Bodyfix is that everyone talks to you & cannot do enough for you, everyone is so friendly it just makes you feel good.

Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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