How Lisa is Finding Balance, Broking Patterns and Recovering from Injury

When and how did your fitness journey start?

My fitness journey started many years ago (actually a few decades ago!!!). I went along to a gym to support my best friend who wanted to lose some weight before she got married. After the wedding she lost interest but I had the fitness bug and continued going. Back in those days all I did was step, step and more step.

(At Bodyfix we call this Stomp Fix click to learn more!)


What do you have to say about the classes you currently do and who you have trained with in the past?

At the moment I do Spin Fix classes mostly and love that each of the instructors on the Group Exercise Team have their own style and way of taking their classes – some of their choice of music is pretty unique too. So even when I do more than one Spin class in a week they are all different and challenging. Then on a Thursday I enjoy easing out all the sore bits in Recovery Fix and catching up with how everyone’s week’s been. You always leave feeling much better than before the class.

In the past I have trained with a number of Personal Trainers on and off and done a stint being trained by a running club coach. At the moment Mitchy does an awesome job of keeping me busy with weights and strength programs and reining in (helping me balance) my enthusiasm for cardio work – although I do struggle when her “computer says “No!” ”


What have been your influences in being active, getting fitter or staying so?

After a few health hiccups and feeling really crappy, I wanted to be able to feel good again and give my body the best chance of regaining as much of my health back as possible. I had also had a number of injuries, including two stress fractures and knew that left to my own devices, I would more than likely repeat the pattern. I asked Moo for her recommendations. Poor Mitch drew the short straw!  Mitch took me through a weights program and encouraged me to balance out weights (strength), cardio and recovery. Every now and again she will ask me what I have been up to, which is really influential in making sure I do what she has recommended.

Also having a daughter, I wanted to set her a good example and make sure that she had a balanced view of exercise and didn’t fall into the same mistakes as I had.


How has Bodyfix played a part in your journey and how did you come to find us?

Some of the instructors and Bodyfix members have been in my life since I first stepped through the doors of a gym all those years ago So when many of them moved to Bodyfix, I came with them. It’s the people that make Bodyfix the special gym family that it is (although the equipment and space is pretty great too!)


What has changed for you during your journey between when you started and where you are now?

Well, that’s a telling question! As it was some time ago that I first started my journey I am not as lean, fast, fit, mobile, etc as I once was – and exercise does NOT stop the wrinkles, despite what some people say. Over the years, as well as running I have tried and enjoyed, nearly all the different classes that Bodyfix offers.  At the moment I can only confidently do Spin fix, Recovery fix and my weights program, so I miss having the variation and more choice.  However, my enjoyment of being at the gym, doing classes and catching up with the different gym members hasn’t changed at all. I also appreciate, from learning the hard way, how important the ability to move is and why recovery is a good thing.  Even though I hate to admit it, more is not necessarily better.


What piece of advice can you offer others who are looking to start their journey or who might be lost as to where to start?

My advice would be to focus and appreciate what you can or are learning to do – and to enjoy doing it.

PLUS don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are plenty of willing and supportive people who don’t mind lending a hand at Bodyfix – Jess and Jess, Moo, the Personal Trainers and all of your fellow members.


What do you see for your future in this next year/ decade?

In the long term I would really like to get my health and fitness back on track and to be able to do a wider variety of the classes Bodyfix offers so over the next year or so I would like to be able to bump up my overall fitness and strength without overdoing it and keeping injury-free.

Article by Jessica McDonald

Hi, I am Jess, Gym member, staff member, and customer service ninja here at Bodyfix. You might have seen my face behind the desk, online or simply around the gym. I love that I get to have conversations with our Members and Staff alike to bring you these stories. No matter where you see me, I am always up for a Hello!

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