14 Questions to ask when you are choosing a gym membership to make sure you choose the perfect Christchurch gym for your needs.

How to choose a Gym Membership in Christchurch.

When it comes to joining a gym, it is easy to get caught up in a New Year’s resolution in January, then find come May your enthusiasm has waned. So how do you make sure when you joined a gym, that you show up, workout and start to get some results. Choosing a gym is a bit like choosing a best friend, you are going to be hanging out together a lot. So it all starts with finding a gym that you like and actually want to hang out in.

With over 30 gyms and fitness studios in Christchurch, choosing the right one can be a little daunting so here are our

14 Questions to ask when you are choosing a gym membership to make sure you choose the perfect gym for your needs.

Christchurch gym location

1. LOCATION – Is it in a convenient location?

When it comes to picking a gym it needs to be in a convenient location to get to, close to your home, office or favourite coffee shop with plenty of parking. If you sign up for a gym that is not convenient or has no parking, after a long day at work, it can be easier to skip the gym and keep on driving.

Hint: Bodyfix is located at 429 Leeds St, Christchurch Canterbury, New Zealand, 8011 near the CBD, we have plenty of parking. View our location on the map.

2. ACCESSIBILITY – What time of day do you like to workout?

You might have checked out google maps, to see the times the gym is quietest? Now is that when you actually want to workout? We recommend grabbing a free first-time pass, and organise the time you come in to use your pass at the same time are likely to go to the gym. That way you can try the equipment you are keen on using and if there is a cue.

3. CLEANLINESS – Are the machines clean?

With all that blood, sweat and tears, gyms can be a bit of a germ factory, so cleanliness is extremely important. Make sure you choose a gym with good hygiene practices in place. Make sure there is a strict policy for wiping down equipment, that there is adequate handtowel’s & spray bottles available.

FACT: At bodyfix, for instance, all members must bring a towel to wipe off any sweat and moisture they have produced during their workout from any benches or machinery. From there, there are paper towels and spray bottles to disinfect equiptment so it is ready for the next user. This ensures everyone gets nice clean equiptment.

4. CLASSES – Are group fitness classes a priority?

It can be easy to go for the cheaper gym option, only to end up spending more on studio classes that you could be getting in your gym membership. Take a good look at the class timetable and see how the times fit into your schedule. See if there are classes you would like to try, Yoga? Spin? Pump? Zumba?. Classes are a great way to motivate yourself and push you during your weekly workouts, often you will find being part of the community will help you achieve your goals faster, and make sure you show up for yourself every week. However, if classes are not your thing, then you should make sure their other facilities and equipment meet your needs.

>> Browse our class timetable

5. EQUIPMENT – What type of equipment do you like to use?

Think about the type of equipment you like to use when you are at the gym? Do you like to pound the pavement on the treadmill? Love to spin it out on the bike? Or prefer free weights? Check out there is a good selection of the equipment you need so you can get stuck into your workout. Be sure to look out for Weights, Stretching Area, Cardio Machines and Dumbbells.

6. MAINTENANCE – How well do they look after their equipment and machines are facilities?

No one wants to work out on a stiff, squeaking bike or treadmill from the 80s. So when you head in for a tour or workout, make sure the equipment is being maintained and looks to be in good condition. Out of order signs everywhere, or missing equipment is a telltale sign that things are not running smoothly.

Fact: We are extremely proactive in the maintenance of our all of our machines/equipment at Bodyfix.  We are extremely fortunate to have our maintenance man working on site so anything that needs attention gets it straight away – how good is that!

7. FITNESS LEVEL – What is your current fitness level?

Are you just starting out at the gym? A group fitness class or personal trainer could be a good way for you to get familiar with the equipment and build up your fitness. Go for a class that focuses on the basics where the trainers can focus on teaching you and helping you improve your technique and level of fitness. This will really help you avoid injury and get the most out of your workouts.

8. PERSONAL TRAINER – Are you looking to hire a personal trainer?

Do you have specific fitness goals that you want to reach? Just like an architect can listen to your needs and design you the perfect house, a personal trainer can help you come up with a fitness regime to help you reach your fitness goals. They are also great when the idea of participating in a group fitness class seems a bit overwhelming.  Having a trainer is a great way to stay accountable, keep you on track and give you the blueprints to your fitness goals. Start by researching personal trainers and if you are still unsure then ask the gym which trainers align most with your fitness goals.

9. COST – What is your budget?

Investing in a gym and your health means working out a way to fitness the gym into your budget. Gym membership prices vary greatly, as do the facilities they provide. Compare the gyms in your area, and make sure to account for the facilities and benefits of each one. Some gyms offer seasonal deals, to make sure you contact them to ask about any special discounts or offers you could take advantage of. Be sure to weigh the value of classes against equipment. Sure you could pay $12 for a gym membership, only to end up forking out another $25 per class at a studio to get your spin or yoga fix. An all-inclusive membership may cost more per week, but if you show up and use the facilities it’s considerably less. >> Check out our membership options

10. CONTRACT –  What is the cancellation policy?

If you’re not sure of your level of commitment? check out the cancellation policies at the gym or go for a month to month contract. Month to month may cost a little more, but they give you flexibility if you decide the gym is not the right fit for you, and once you’re in the habit of going, you can always change your membership plan.

11. FACILITIES – Will you be getting ready at the gym?

If you workout before work, on your lunch break or perhaps you have a hot date to get to after the gym, then be sure to check out the locker room facilities. What features do you need after your workout? Mirrors? Hair Dryers, Nice Showers, Counter Space? This will vary from person to person but can be the difference between an easy transition to work or play, and a frustrating one.

12. FREE TRIAL – Can you get a trial membership?

Most gyms will let you try before you buy with a free trial membership or pass. This is a great way to check out if you like the equipment, the facilities, the trainers, what type of members they have,  the classes, how full the gym is and the overall vibe. We recommend you head to the gym at the same time you would want to work out to get a feel for what it would be like to be a member there.

13. MEMBER BENEFITS – Are there any Membership Privileges

Not all gyms are created equal when you visit you may find there are little-added bonuses. Comfortable chill-out areas, water and snack bars to fuel up, member events and mixers, training workshops, motivational speakers, nutritionists or reciprocal gyms you can use when you are out of town.  Be sure to ask if there are any extra benefits to being a member and make sure you weigh them up when considering your weekly fee.

14. GOALS – What are your fitness or health goals?

This is perhaps the most important thing to think about when you choose a gym membership. Do you want to lift some weights, but struggle to push yourself at the end of the day? A Pump Class could be a great fit. Are you a little stiff and sore from sitting at a desk, a yoga or pilates class might be a great fit. Not sure how to get rid of those flabby arms? Get a trainer to put together a program to blast your problem areas.  Sit down and think about your goals and whether that gym has the ingredients you need to get there. Once you have found your perfect match… it’s time to put a ring on it…(or at least ring them to get started)

Now that you know our 14 criteria and tips it is time to put pen to paper and see how the gyms on your shortlist stack up. Take a spreadsheet or piece of paper, create 14 columns and jot down notes about each.

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