Foam rolling targets the fascia.

Most people think foam rolling is some sort of medieval torture that we have thought up that  is designed to inflict pain as you roll out your tight IT bands, but the foam roller is capable of so much more—and used right, rolling doesn’t need to hurt.


The roller can actually help rejuvenate and strengthen your entire body by healing and restoring your fascia.


What is fascia?

Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that lies under the skin and wraps around every muscle and organ in the body. So many are unsure of what role fascia actually plays in the body.


Fascia helps connect the muscles to the bones and joints and plays a key role in our body —so think about fascia in a way that it is like the scaffolding of the body.


The best way to imagine fascia is to think of a thin saran wrap-like layer that lies between the skin and the muscles like a web. If you’ve ever seen the white stringy layer when you cut into an uncooked chicken, that is fascia. Fascia is also where the nerves and the lymph nodes sit––so it is now being called a sensory organ because this is where pain originates and is communicated to the brain.


What are the benefits of foam rolling?

One of the key benefits of the roller is that it helps smooth out and hydrate the fascia. This improves circulation throughout your entire body which helps to oxygenate the blood, boost lymphatic drainage and flush toxins from the body.


The roller also helps to “lubricate” the joints and reduce inflammation in the body while increasing flexibility and range of motion. It can also improve the connection to the intrinsic or core muscles; we tend to lose this connectivity as we age.


So bottom line, the roller and also adding in the spikey ball these are incredible tool for overall fitness and health.
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Foam rolling is a tool that can be used in all forms of movement and exercise.

So many exercise regimens focus on specific things like cardio or building muscle, both of which can be good things, but we do encourage everyone to have some focus on recovery and to be truly balanced everyone needs to take this into consideration into their training.

Aside from smoothing out and hydrating fascia, improving circulation, boosting lymphatic drainage, “lubricating” the joints, reducing inflammation and looks at increasing our flexibility.

The roller can also be used as the basis for a total body workout that is the perfect complement to whatever other exercise you like to do, or can be a workout in its own right.

Used correctly the roller can also help improve the connection to your intrinsic or core muscles, which we tend to lose connectivity to as we age. These are all benefits that exercises like running, yoga, weights, spinning, or any number of other routines don’t necessarily offer, and this makes the roller the perfect complement to whatever other workouts you might be doing.

Mitchy using foam rollers

Article by Jessica McDonald

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