13 Reasons to Choose Bodyfix Group Exercise Classes in Christchurch

Looking for Group Exercise Classes in Christchurch? Do you get motivated by the crowd in a group exercise class? Do you want to meet like-minded individuals in Christchurch who love to get their fitness fix each week? Would you like a way to get your heart pumping without having to brave the chilly morning air? Do you crave variety in your workouts so you don’t get bored and stop exercising? Do you want a way to commit to exercise each week so you stay on top of your health and fitness goals?

Fitness classes are a great way to motivate yourself, be part of the crowd and mix things up so you never get bored with your workouts. Whether they get you out of bed in the morning, get your heart pumping during your lunch break, or give you a way to destress after work – Group exercise classes are where it’s at.

Feel great with our group fitness classes.

There are loads of different benefits we could list off to you, including how great you will feel after you take a group fitness class here at our Christchurch Gym. But rather than tell you, we would like to show you

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What type of Group Exercise Classes in Christchurch are on offer at our gym?

We have plenty of choices, cardio-based, strength and resistance options. These are important to mix up your routine so you can get fit, strong and lean. You can check out our class timetable here


List the class here with a description so they know what it is and is for

spin group exercise class christchurch

Spin Class – Be taken on a fun-filled adrenalin ride. Suitable for all fitness levels; work at your own pace or push yourself to the max. Guaranteed to improve your cardiovascular fitness while toning and strengthening the lower body.

Spin Light (for beginners) – Are you looking for a beginners spin class designed for people new to spinning or those with injuries who are unable to participate in our regular spin classes? This class will cover everything you need to know about bike set up, how to spin safely whilst working within your own capabilities & fitness levels.

Spin Enduro Fix – raining will push you to your limits! A fun way to get your cardio on and tone up your body muscles from head to toe. Visit us and spin now! Spin Enduro it is just the same as Spin but it goes for 1 hour opposed to 45mins. This gives you a chance to get some more cardio in on the weekend.

Stomp Fix  (step class) – Up the ante with this step class that takes high and low impact step moves to a whole new level. Co-ordination & stepping experience are both essential for this mentally challenging class.

Pump Fix  (weights class)- The original barbell class that strengthens & tones your entire body! This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like Squats, Presses, Lifts and Curls. Perfect for your next Pump Fix.

Circuit Fix (circuit training)- This class will give you a full-body workout! A variety of strength & cardio-based stations are used to increase fitness, endurance & muscle tone. A simple, fun class anyone can do. Get fit, be part of the Bodyfix community and get your daily circuit training fix in Christchurch with Bodyfix.

Recovery Fix  (warm down and stretch)- Are you looking for a class to stretch, release unwind and foam roll your way to relaxation? Decrease your recovery time with this great class working with Foam Rollers and Spiky Balls. Recovery Fix uses Dynamic Stretching combined with Foam Rolling.

Yoga Fix – Want to stretch and lengthen out your body? Need a place to get centred and unplug from the day to day drama? Would you like to support your posture and flexibility? We run Yoga fix yoga classes three times a week at our Christchurch Gym. These Yoga Classes are included in your membership price along with 35 other classes each week.

Booty Fix – Are you looking for a workout to lift and tone your derrière in Christchurch? If you want to tone those buns and strengthen your postural muscles, then come on down to Booty Fix.

Kick Fix (kickboxing class)- Kick Fix is a non-contact but a fiercely energetic class that consists of boxing & kicking combinations. Great for upper body muscle definition, improves cardiovascular fitness and reduces stress levels. Work at your own level but be ready for an intense, fun class that will push you beyond your comfort zone.

Punch Fix (boxing class) – Punch Fix is definitely a class that will test your fitness & is a non-contact class that consists of boxing & kicking combinations using gloves & pads. This is a class for anyone & everyone who wants to be pushed, no experience is needed.

HIIT Fix (High-intensity interval training) – We run 4 High-Intensity Interval Training classes each week and have a couple of different types of HIIT classes to choose from. “HIIT is the workout that keeps working” making is a great way to accelerate weight loss and fire up your metabolism.

Use it or lose it ( Over 60s Classes ) – This class will keep you in shape and be tailored to your mobility level.

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Article by Jessica McDonald

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