Gran Prinsep

Meet Gran Prinsep, Grant has been with us at Bodyfix since we opened in 2011 and his training consisted of regular gym sessions with Reece. Then all of a sudden his world was turned upside down he was faced with the decision of his life.

Grant’s story is pretty bloody amazing and the fact he gets to tell his story makes it even more amazing!

Exercising for life is what is all about for Grant and there is no looking back for him – it just part of his life!

The Start…….

I had a series of events starting from around mid 90’s until late 90’s multiple Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism.

I was travelling a lot Internationally back then and I still do. It was suspected that I had some underlying condition which caused blood clots but there was no evidence of this & still to this day they have not been able to find.

When I was first diagnosed I had 50% of my lungs blocked with clots I couldn’t even walk even 20 meters without stopping to catch my breath.

It was found that I had permanent damage to my lungs approx 20% of the area with clots that didn’t resolve had turned into scar tissue and blocked some of the blood flow.

Like a domino effect one condition led to another. I had partially blocked lungs with the blood not flowing through correctly and building back pressure. The right side of my heart was therefore affected over time which caused “Chronic Pulmonary Hypertension”.

2015 I was progressively in an extremely bad way and this is when they told me I had around 3 years to live! At this stage I was still going to Bodyfix but really struggling to achieve anything.

My specialist recommended a difficult surgery that had to be done at that time in Cambridge, England explaining that the first ever one had been performed in 1999. So after hearing this, I ended up using the same surgeon that developed and pioneered the very first one & had the operation in early 2016.

It was an easy decision to make 3 years left or get the surgery done and be able to move on with my life.

Basically what they did is they operated to remove the multiple blocks in the arteries and veins in the lungs getting better blood flow and dropping dramatically the pulmonary pressure.

As Im sure you can all appreciate it was a very technical and long operation. They had to chill my whole body to 20c drain all the blood from my body to stop my heart for 15 to 20 minute periods so they could clean out the scare tissue of old clots in the arteries and veins.

After a month away I was back to NZ and felt like a new man and couldn’t believe how fast I recovered and how much of a difference it made to any exercise. Even walking was easy now.

It took a few months to heal properly from open surgery but 8 days after the surgery I was walking up and down stairs slowly but the main thing was I was up and moving.

12 days after I was walking at least 60 minutes every day and pushing myself to get faster and go for longer, I can’t describe the difference it made it was incredible!

2 YEARS ON……………

My words of advice…….

We don’t realise what we have until it is gone, but I was lucky enough to get it back so I really appreciate that and will work hard to keep it!

We are all only here for a short time so we have to make the most of it every day!! I know the importance of exercise and I have been given a second chance which I am extremely grateful for!



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Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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