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I thought I was fairly fit. I’ve always played sport and been active and since arriving in New Zealand in 2000, I have been working out at the gym around 4 to 5 times per week. I was doing cardio and lifting weights, in some cases heavy weights, and yes I knew I was carrying some fat, but I could get away with it.

Boy was I wrong – APRIL 2008

SYMPTOMS:    Weight 117.5kgs Height 1.80 metres Blood Pressure 180/120 Fluctuating Blood/Sugar levels.

PROGNOSIS:    Doctors orders to get below 100kgs or in 2 years I would have full blown Type 2 Diabetes and suffer a Coronary.

REMEDY:    Having tried various other diets and lost weight and then put it back on, I needed to do something different.

A.    Join Weight Watchers, Complete Life Style Change, Learn about portion control, Learn about filling and healthy foods

B.    Increase Gym Work, Do more Cardio – spin 3 or 4 times per week, Weights – 1 or 2 times per week, Stretching to increase mobility – once per week


Three years on:

  • Blood pressure normal
  • Blood/Sugar levels stable – no Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lost 27 kgs
  • Played Div 3 Rugby in same team as my 2 sons
  • New wardrobe – nice slim fitting clothes
  • Fitter, healthier, happier.

BodyFix is a new gym, but is owned and staffed by ex Pro fitness people who have a wealth of knowledge in getting people fit – both in mind and body. Through the 11 years I have known them their help, knowledge, encouragement and advice on my journey have been invaluable, as has the advice, motivation, enthusiasm and help of my Weight watchers leader – Rachel.

To all of you a BIG THANK YOU for helping me turn my life around.

Article by Adam

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