How Sieni re-evaluated & refocused her efforts to smash her goals & change her life

This months Member of the Month is Sieni Afamiliona

Find out how Siene re-evaluated her goals from “get skinny and losing weight” to “something with more purpose and worked to with a personal trainer to laser-focus her efforts, find more purpose, get some killer results and improve her life every day with exercise.

“Change your goals from ‘losing weight or getting skinny’ to something with more purpose and see your life change.”

How did your fitness journey start?

I was never a gym person, I felt too shy to go into one for fear of not knowing how to use the equipment or do anything right and did not want to feel people watching me. But I wanted to lose weight, so I joined a group that I thought were doing sessions together at someone’s house… Turns out it was in a gym! So I went to the sessions, but if they were cancelled for any reason or I couldn’t make the times then I didn’t go use the gym to still get a workout in, I just couldn’t get passed that uncomfortable feeling I had.

What do you have to say about the classes you currently do and who you have trained with in the past?

When I joined Bodyfix I only came to Spinfix, and only with my friend Sarah if Sarah couldn’t come then either did I. When I joined Bodyfix the team introduced me to Carolynne at Be Health and Wellness to help me on my journey of losing weight and because I had previously done a little powerlifting which I wanted to do more of.  She has been amazing, helping me focus on getting stronger and setting goals that lead me towards that, taking my focus off the sole idea of losing weight. As I have worked on these other goals and made small lifestyle changes, I have lost cm and weight without even focusing on that! Carolynne has empowered me, making sure I am confident with what we are doing in our sessions and then creating programs and taking me through them so I can come down and use the gym on my own now, and have also tried all of the classes with the support of Moo and Jess on the front desk helping and encouraging me.

What has been your influences in being active, getting fitter or staying so?

I want to continue being able to use my body with ease and I have two daughters to set an example for. I spent so long in the yoyo phases of aiming to lose weight or be skinny and whenever I achieved that I would end up right where I started, so now I have set my sights on the lifestyle aspects of being healthy as opposed to putting on weight and then trying to lose it. So now I say things like I want to be strong. (and stronger)

How has Bodyfix played a part in your journey and how did you come to find us?

My friend Sarah is a member here and brought me down to have a look around when the current classes I was attending elsewhere were ending. Jess was on the front desk and told me that I could try a class (click here to see our full class schedule) or two before deciding if this was the place for me. In the classes, not only are the team kind and helpful but so are the members! Everyone is friendly and wants to help and support you on your journey.

Bodyfix has taught me that fitness is not just physical, its all about what’s going on in your head too. And that when something is going on elsewhere you can leave it at the door and feel safe doing so. Between Carolynne, Moo, Jess and the rest of the team they have helped me gain confidence and empowered me so that now I don’t rely on friends being there or just my Personal Trainer to take me through a session I can do it on my own too.

What piece of advice can you offer others who are looking to start their journey or who might be lost as to where to start?

Just take that first step, literally through the doors. It sounds and feels so cheesy to say but really that’s all it takes. If you are scared or not sure where to start, that doesn’t matter. The Jess’s on the front desk and the Owner Moo will take the time to get to know you and help you find your way.

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What do you see for your future in this next year/ decade?

To continue on this path of strength and growing!!


Below is a Snippet from Sieni’s Personal Trainer Carolynne on their journey so far together!

Sieni came to me to gain confidence and knowledge in the Gym! She had previously been a part of some lifting groups but had found the gym she attended intimidating and didn’t feel comfortable working out there by herself.  Her goal was to build strength and improve her general fitness, and a huge component of that was that she wanted to utilise the gym outside of her sessions with me!

We worked on a program initially of exercises that Sieni felt comfortable doing herself in the gym, then we have continued to work on technique to give Sieni the confidence to know that she can do the workout by herself.  She loves that every one [members and staff are so ] friendly and it makes a huge difference to step in the door!  Sieni is now to be seen in the gym at least mornings a week, and she talks about how she finds her whole day is improved when she is exercising consistently.

One of the big things we talked about when Sieni and I first set our goals was that her main goal was building strength, as previously her goals have been about weight loss and toning. By taking this pressure out of the equation and focusing on building strength Sieni as a great added benefit has ended up losing centimetres off her whole body, for her its been about taking off the pressure of ‘weightloss’ and by not focussing on the scales. Its been about making a positive change in her life, by exercising to improve her overall health she consistently is working on ensuring her physical wellness as well as helping her ensure her mental wellness is the best it possibly can be!

As a single Mum Sieni is absolutely inspiring and is consistently smashing her goals…. there’s that word again; consistently, for Sieni, the small things have added up to the big things! Confidence, knowledge and consistency!


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Article by Jessica McDonald

Hi, I am Jess, Gym member, staff member, and customer service ninja here at Bodyfix. You might have seen my face behind the desk, online or simply around the gym. I love that I get to have conversations with our Members and Staff alike to bring you these stories. No matter where you see me, I am always up for a Hello!

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