Change the way you talk to yourself – Emily O’Connor Personal Trainer at Bodyfix Gym Christchurch

If you’re going to change one thing; change the way you talk to yourself.

Since working in the fitness industry I hear so much negative self talk and body shaming from people on their physiques. The first thing to come out of peoples mouths when I meet them is always one thing negative about themselves.

  • Pointing out what they perceive to be a flaw.
  • What they want to change.
  • Apologising for the way their body looks.

Every time I hear it, it breaks my heart.

We ignore and downplay the things we do like about our bodies and we always focus on the flaws, on what could be better.

Its time to stop the negative self talk and hateful comments. The body you are in NOW is the same body that is going to get you to your goal. Constantly feeding yourself negative comments and pointing out what you feel are ‘imperfections’ is going to lead you to believe them, to confidence issues and so much self doubt.

  • Learn to love, respect and value your body and all that it does for you.
  • Change your mindset on your body and you will change your journey

If you think you will stop shaming yourself, be more confident and love who you are when you are in a smaller body, have less body fat, a bigger bum or a more toned stomach; that’s not how it works.

I’ve been there.

When I was a gymnast I thought I would be happier the smaller I got, so I started my journey on becoming the smallest I could be in search for my internal happiness. When I got to where I thought I’d be happy I wasn’t satisfied, I just wanted to become smaller and smaller still to keep finding that happiness.

It takes a long time to realize that your worth and your happiness isn’t what you see on the scales, your low body fat, or fitting into those jeans. Those unhealthy/unhappy thoughts will stay with you and you will continue to pick away at every perceived flaw.

You will never be satisfied and will always find tiny flaws to point out.

There needs to be a total switch in your mindset if you want to change your relationship with your body.

So here’s a basic but IMPORTANT thing you can do to help you fall in love with all that you are;

when you catch yourself in a negative thought “I wish my stomach was flatter”, “ I wish my thighs were smaller” or catch an unflattering angle of yourself in a mirror or are just having an off day – STOP YOURSELF – mid negative thought, don’t let it take over you! Replace it with a positive comment about yourself, tell yourself something you love about you. Be proud of your body! It is possible to love and appreciate your body and still work on improving it at the same – learn to change your body for the right reasons.

Emily O’Connor is a Personal Trainer at Bodyfix Gym in Christchurch. Her fitness industry journey began in rhythmic gymnastics. She knows all too well the pressures of body image and understands the requirements and dedication to a cause after representing at a national and international level.

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Article by The Bodyfix Team

We are the team dedicated to helping you set your goals and smash them. At Bodyfix we are like family, the working out is only the start and we are here with you for every step of your journey! xxx

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