spin class

13 Reasons to Choose Bodyfix Group Exercise Classes in Christchurch

Looking for Group Exercise Classes in Christchurch? Do you get motivated by the crowd in a group exercise class? Do...

members only wine night

Bodyfix Christchurch Gym’s 2019 Members Only Wine Night Was A Success

Who doesn’t love balance? We pride ourselves on not only providing you with the facilities and support to stay active but...

Kids Gym Classes in Christchurch

Kids Gym Classes in Christchurch

There is so much to juggle as a parent and we know as most of our team here at Body...

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swings – One of the Best Exercises you can do AND it’s all in the Hips

Learn how to nail perfect kettlebell swings every time with our 4 easy steps and get shredded.    Kettlebell swings are...

lose cm

How to lose centimeters (instead of gaining them) as you age.

Have you ever sat down on the couch and felt your belly overlap your pants? That feeling of pressure as...

mens health week

5 Ways to get on top of your Health for Men’s Health Week 2019

When I think of my father throughout my childhood, teens, 20s and 30s I can count on one hand the...

My Experience in a Gym - From Non Member, To Gym Member to Staff Member

My Experience in a Gym – From Non Member, To Gym Member to Staff Member

Moo (the owner of Bodyfix) asked me to write a blog this month to share on the website. I thought…...

How do spiky massage balls work

How do spikey massage balls work to relieve muscle tension?

How do Spikey Massage Balls work to relieve muscle tension? We all have that feeling like we need a good...

gym walk through

New Christchurch Gym Walk Through [ With Video ]

As you may have seen we have a new christchurch gym just around the corner from the old premisis. Here...


Bodyfix New Christchurch Club Grand Opening 6th & 7th of April

Join our gym family at the grand opening Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of April.