Can’t Stick to your exercise routine? 8 Ways to stay committed to exercise and create the body you want.

Do you go through phases of exercising? then phases of laziness? Does your weight and fitness yo-yo?…and maybe your diet too? Can’t stick to your exercise routine? We all know how gross it feels when you get out of the habit, the spare tyre appears, it’s harder to keep up with friends or your kids, it gets harder to focus at work, we get easily flustered, and can even feel a bit glum. It happens to the best of us, so we wanted to share with you our 8 tactics for staying committed to exercise and maximising your health, fitness and wellness.

1. Give your body a chance to adapt and build a new body.

First, it’s important to understand exactly why it’s worth it to fully commit to your workouts. Working out once a week does not allow your body to become accustomed to the stress & adapt. Regular exercise will allow the body to build up strength, endurance and stamina. To see any form of change you have to give your body the chance to adapt to the physical stress of working out and doing it at least 2 to 3 times a week and this will definitely help.

2. Bump up the intensity to build up your fitness faster

Try to increase the intensity of your workouts also this is another factor that can really help your body to adapt. Simply exercising regularly simply allows us to feel better.

3. A Fitness Routine helps you stimulate those happy endorphins… so you crave your daily workout fix.

The more you work out, the more you’ll feel great from those endorphins, and soon, you’ll feel more excited about working out in general. Regular workouts will add energy to the rest of your day. Many people say that when they work out and get that happy endorphin going and they find that they are more productive at work and in their everyday lives. Working out can help boost focus, reduce stress, and even aid in better sleep.

make an exercise routine

4. Stick with it by scheduling in your workouts to fit your lifestyle.

You have to make sure your routine is sustainable and fits with your day to day schedule and it has to work in with the family. Try sitting down on a Sunday with your diary and look at your week ahead. Let’s face it we are all busy but if planned & scheduled in at the start of the week it is more likely to happen.

We suggest writing down your top priorities school, work, family and friend obligations. Then, see where you have 45-60 minutes to get to the gym & fit in a workout. Write it down as though it’s a meeting with yourself. Remember that ‘you’ time is just as important as that time you spend with family and friends. Remember never feel guilty for taking time out to spend on your health.

Tip: Download our free weekly fitness planner and plan your workouts for a week. If you build a routine it’s a great way to build the habit, so working out becomes auto piolet and you look forward to that dopamine hit from exercising.

free fitness planner

5. Give your body some rest days.

Sometimes when we start a new fitness regime, its easy to go hard, until you hurt, then the exercise drops off. It is important to Vary your workouts & make sure to add some rest & recovery time. Is just as important and you could try our Yoga Classes or even our Recovery Fix Class that works with Foam Rollers and Spiky Balls.

6. Think about the outcome you want and how good you will feel when you get there.

Whether your goal is physical, mental, or performance-oriented, the results and benefits are so much more attainable when you’re committed to a regular routine. Even the simple act of writing your goals down on paper, and assigning some dates, can be really empowering.

Set goals to make it easier

7. Think of a goal, Get a plan, Follow it – It’s that simple.

The more you complicate things, the higher the chance you will lose interest. Just try not to overthink it all we suggest sitting down with one of our Personal Training Team to structure a good training programme for you that is based around small goals, classes in the club and also perhaps an outside workout that you can do if you are short on time. This also leaves you something that you can follow and work with rather than thinking aaaaaaaaaaah what am I going to do today.

8. Surround yourself with active & like-minded people

We all have friends for different activities and elements of our life… There is the friend we have a beer or wine with, the friend who loves getting out in the hills on a bike or for a hike, the friend who will come around and binge watch something on Netflix while eating popcorn. If you want to build healthy habits and look after your body having fitness friends and surrounding yourself with active like-minded people. This is one of the great things about being part of Bodyfix. It is a real community. Everyone is super friendly, supportive and everyone has their own fitness goals. Together we all realise the benefits of being active, better health, more energy and happiness.

How do you move forward when you  Can’t stick to your exercise routine? Pick one thing!

What one thing are you going to do today to commit to your health and look after your body… after all, you only get one? Not sure where to start? We have PT’s who can sit down with you, find out what your fitness goals are, then create a plan to get you there.


Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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