Alex Lennon and her Story of Courage and Fighting Back

October kicked off a series of Client Success Stories for one of our Personal Trainers Carolynne Bett (Be Health and Wellness)

I felt it was important as it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month to highlight my amazing client Alex! Alex is now two years Breast Cancer free and a true fighting champ! Alex constantly impresses me with her strong will and determination to make positive changes to her life! At times I challenge her physically and she always embraces this and grits her way through! Alex now regularly attends the gym multiple times a week ensuring that she incorporates a broad range of classes to her training! Here is Alex’s Story!

Alex’s Story

I was 1 year post Breast Cancer treatment, I had put on a lot of weight and was feeling very sad and mentally fatigued. I was scared but I also wanted to reclaim my life, I just didn’t know where to start. I had previously known Carolynne as her husband and I had worked together and I was following her on her social media however I hadn’t plucked up the courage to reach out. I saw Carolynne at a talk Body Fix was hosting. We got talking and, I cried. Carolynne made me feel safe and reassured me I could do this. I felt like I wasn’t going to be alone doing this, reassured Carolynne was going to be by my side every step of the way and she is, tears, laughter and sometimes muscle groans. LOL!

How has my journey been so far?

Honestly not easy and sometimes I’ve felt like my wheels are coming loose but when that happens Carolynne comes to the rescue reminding me how far I’ve come! Some changes I’ve noticed are:

  • Cardio has got easier
  •  Muscle strength is stronger
  •  My new clothes are a size smaller
  •  Nutrition education, healthier living which I’ve passed onto my family
  • I learnt that it’s ok to have a speed bump ( I use to beat myself up a lot, I now have life skills to be kind to myself)

I love that Carolynne’s guidance and support is the whole body, Health, Fitness and Mental Well Being

I’ve made some huge changes to my life including:

  • Healthier eating
  • Regular exercise
  •  More routine with my sleeping
  •  I make time for self-care and looking after me eg: Reflexology and Reiki

What do you like most about your trainer?

My favourite thing about training with Carolynne is her support and motivation. I can’t thank her enough and honestly how passionate I feel about what she has done for me is hard to put into words. I owe her so much

To anyone thinking of training with Carolynne, DO IT! Carolynne is more than a personal trainer she is the whole package. She genuinely cares so much about helping people feel there very best.

Article by Jessica McDonald

Hi, I am Jess, Gym member, staff member, and customer service ninja here at Bodyfix. You might have seen my face behind the desk or around the gym, I’m always up for a hello! I am so excited to be a part of the Bodyfix family. I love connecting with people and helping them look and feel their best.

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