7 Tips From Bodyfix Gym – Improve Your Health just from SMILING!

Smiles/Smiling/Laughing……..OMG doesn’t get any better!! The more we smile & laugh the healthier our brain can be and oh dear we say it is so good for the soul!

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Seriously! Smiling, Laughing more often, regardless of our mood, can improve our health and even help us to live longer and makes us look younger. So we have whipped up a few reasons what smiling and laughing does because far out if we even needed to smile and laugh it is now!



  1. Improves our mood

Smiling releases endorphins, which helps us to feel happier and more positive. There have been many studies found that facial expressions, such as smiling, can improve our mood and increase positive thoughts. So, the next time you’re feeling a little blue, try smiling – it is sure to make you feel better.



  1. Lowers our blood pressure

Heart health is very important and something we as a Club have really looked this year and taken on board to with our members. Laughing or smiling more helps lower our blood pressure. Laughter can lead to an immediate increase in heart rate and oxygen consumption, followed by a period of muscle relaxation, decreases our heart rate and lower our blood pressure. Even the smallest amount helps reduces our risk of developing heart disease.



  1. Helps keeps our immune system strong

Did you know that laughing or smiling helps boost your body’s immune system? Well, it does!  Laughter, which often starts with a smile, increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, which improves your resistance to illnesses.



  1. Relieves our pain

Believe it or not, a good laugh relieves some body aches or pains. As mentioned above, laughing also triggers the release of endorphins – the body’s natural feel-good chemical. The saying that laughter actually is the best medicine, it actually is.   It allows the body to produce its own natural painkillers. So get a good laugh in its good for the soul!



  1. Relives our stress!

That’s right, smiling or laughing activates and relieves your stress response. Studies where individuals had to face stressful situations while smiling were found to have lower heart rates compared to those who weren’t smiling.



  1. Helps strengthens our relationships

People who smile are usually identified as being more likeable, compared to those who don’t smile. If you are a “likeable” person, then you also have a better chance at building and maintaining relationships with people – which benefits you and your overall well-being.


  1. Younger Appearance – Oh God Our Favourite lol

While we might not actually decrease in age, smiling or laughing more often can give the illusion that we look younger than we are – that is a fact 🙂


So go ahead and smile!


As you can see smiling and laughter are very beneficial for our minds, body and overall well-being! Regardless of our mood, it’s okay to crack a smile or spit out a laugh and dear lord if you have friends that make you laugh until you wee yourself that is where the magic is 🙂


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Article by The Bodyfix Team

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