50 Good Reasons Why You Need to Be Exercising In Christchurch to Maximise Your Health in 2018

Okay, so we all know exercise is good for our health right! But why? In this blog, our Team of Christchurch Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors have popped together 50 Good Reasons Why you need to be exercising in Christchurch to maximise not just your physical health, but your mental health and overall well-being.

50 Good Reasons Why You Need to Be Exercising In Christchurch To Maximise Your Health in 2018

When you consistently exercise 2 to 3 times a week you can:

1 Can help manage stress and anxiety levels. After the Earthquakes, it seems like every aftershock can throw us into fight or flight mode and trigger our adrenaline and anxiety. Exercise is a great way to destress.

2 Optimise your potential to lose weight – particularly fat

3 Save on the Doctor – Have an immune system that will function more efficiently and effectively

4 Contribute to reducing the nation’s medical and healthcare costs

5 Lower your risk of getting heart disease

6 Increase the strength of your muscles – Get Jacked!

7 Sleep better – And ditch those dark circles under your eyes.

8 Improve your sex drive and satisfaction – Get Sexy!

9 Reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure

10 Increase the density of your bones and therefore reduce the risk of breaking bones – Who needs milk!

11 Improve your physical appearance to many people

12 Help lower your cholesterol levels

13 Help you retain a healthy short-term memory, as you age – Sharp as a tack!

14 Has anti-ageing effects – Who doesn’t want to look younger.

15 Improve the survival odds shoulder you suffer a heart attack

16 There is nothing worse than jetlag when you return from a holiday. The Gym can help you Help you overcome jetlag better.

17 Slow your rate of joint degeneration

18 Lower your resting heart rate

19 Boost your creativity – So you can thrive at work.

20 Improve your ability to recover from physical exertion

21 Increase your body’s ability to supply blood to the skin for cooling purposes

22 Increase the thickness of the cartilage in your joints

23 More energy and endurance

24 Increase your level of muscle endurance

25 Improve your posture and reduce back pain – Particularly important if you are studying or sitting a lot.

26 Improves oxygen supply to cells

27 Help maintain your metabolic rate

28 Reduce the risk of developing colon cancer

29 Lowers risk of diabetes

30 Reduce constipation

31 Reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer

32 Exercise is the best kind of therapy and can help to alleviate depression.

33 Maintain proper muscle balance

34 Help alleviate certain menstrual symptoms

35 Improve mental alertness

36 Reduce your risk of having a stroke

37 Builds self-esteem

38 Prevents Colds

39 Improves appetite

40 Fights dementia

41 Increase sports performance

42 Increase pain resistance

43 Helps to control addictions

44 Lessens fatigue

45 Gives you confidence

46 Increases longevity

47 Improve skin tone and colour

48 Boost productivity

49 Prevent muscle loss

50 Makes you harder to kill!

Create some “Me” time and commit to 2 – 3 exercise sessions a week

With all of these benefits, it is important to build some time for exercise into your week. 2 – 3 times a week can have a huge impact on your health, appearance, mood and heart… Even if its just a quick 30 minute session of HIIT Training.

Find it hard to make time in your week for exercise?

If you are not sure where to get started booking yourself into a group fitness class is a great way to lock yourself into a weekly workout (New to our gym – the first class is on us) and make some fitness friends who will help make sure you keep coming back and getting the benefits.

Find it hard to get motivated to go to the gym? Or maybe just not getting the results you crave?

Getting a personal trainer to get the best result possible from every workout. We all know simply running on the treadmill is not enough to keep in shape. If you are going to be investing your most precious resource… time… in working out, it’s important to maximise results! 




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