5 Workout Mistakes to Avoid

You’re at the gym, excited about your first proper workout session. All the other people around you are exerting their best effort. You’re inspired, motivated, pumped. So you get started with your exercises right away.

But just a few minutes in, you feel like your muscles are being torn apart. Then you wonder why because you were just following what everyone else was doing. It turns out that, because you were over-enthusiastic, you were making these five rookie workout mistakes.

5 Workout Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Skipping warm-up

The warm-up is perhaps the most important part of any workout, but it’s the one that is often neglected. Before doing any strenuous exercise, you need to do a warmup to prepare your muscles. And by warm-up, it doesn’t mean just a few stretches and a few minutes on a treadmill. You need a more comprehensive warmup, which includes activation exercises, cardio training, and the like. This way, your muscles will be ready for the extra effort ahead.

  1. Working out too often

When you’re a beginner, it’s very tempting to be at the gym seven days a week and exert as much effort as you can each day. But working out too often stresses both your muscles and your mind. If, for instance, you’re taking spin classes, take note that the schedule isn’t every day. It could just be once or twice a week. That way, your muscles have time to recover and build more strength. And, of course, your mind has time to think of other things that are important to you.

  1. Working out too little

When you’re a beginner, you also tend to get lazy as time goes by. You’d want to skip sessions soon enough. Bad idea, because consistency is key in any workout routine. Without it, you will not reach your fitness goal. Knowing that, it’s wise to schedule your gym sessions ahead of time, and stick to them. If twice a week becomes too much for you to handle, cut it down to once a week. Now that may seem too little, but the point is to never miss a session.

  1. Having no workout plan

Again, as a beginner, you may have this tendency. You observe what other people are doing, copy them, and do different exercises randomly. A bad idea once again, because each exercise targets specific muscle groups in your body. And exercises are meant to go with each other as well.

So you must have a plan. Once you do, stick to that programme for at least 8 weeks. Don’t switch from one programme to another in a hurry, or else you won’t get the results you want.

  1. Relying on supplements too much

Supplements are exactly as the name implies – they exist to supplement what you already eat. They add to your diet; they don’t substitute for nutrients you don’t take. So if you have a bad diet, supplements will do you no good.

Instead, choose food that helps you achieve your fitness goals. If it’s to build muscle, then eat lean meats, fish, whole grains, and other protein-rich food. And don’t forget your water, because you lose a lot of it when working out.

So before you begin your journey to fitness, keep these 5 beginner mistakes in mind. Learn from the mistakes of others, so you don’t have to make the same ones. That way, you’ll be less frustrated and more satisfied with your workouts.

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Article by Moo – The Owner of Bodyfix

Hi, I am Moo, gym owner, mother, business owner and jack of all trades here at Bodyfix. I have a huge huge passion for helping anyone & everyone out there to have a better and healthier lifestyle while at the same time achieving your health and fitness goals.

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