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BodyFix Gym
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I had my last session at Bodyfix this morning and I must say I felt quite sad leaving today because I really enjoyed the gym!
I would like to thank you to you all for the time I had at the gym - it's one of the best gyms I was ever part of. My special thanks belong to Phillipa for best ever spin classes and to always enthusiastic Michelle and her circuits! Thanks to Michelle and her encouragement I sometimes have done exercises I never thought I was capable of ;-)

Keep on what you are doing, you do a brilliant job and you really make people feel welcomed.

Thanks and good bye....


I love coming to Bodyfix. The facilities excellent and I especially enjoy the classes, and everyone’s so friendly. It’s not a huge corporate type gym and I feel lucky to be part of it.


I’m 67 years of age and have been exercising for 13 years now. I find it good for my health and at my age it keeps me healthy and fit.

I have been with Bodyfix right from the time it opened in 2011. It is a small gym which I love so much. Finding a park is so easy, the classes and friendliness is one you would struggle to find anywhere else. It is a clean and tidy and everyone of the staff take a great amount of pride to keep it this way.

But the one thing I love at Bodyfix is that everyone talks to you & cannot do enough for you, everyone is so friendly it just makes you feel good.

From a member that was leaving us...

The hours for the gym were great, having the out of hours service was a great help to me as regularly (due to work) went at 5am when no other gym could have provided this kind of service. Despite giving the cleaner a fright a few times it was a great service.

The best I have experienced at a gym, a very personal touch and always go out of their way to help, the email updates are a nice touch as well, everyone always nice and a far better atmosphere than the likes of my previous gym where I was a member.

The facilities were good, despite not being the largest gym it has everything you need and with the majority of members going for classes, I never struggled to get on any of the equipment that I wanted to use.

Overall Feedback?
I really like the gym, and definitely wouldn't be leaving if I was still going to be in the area. You thoroughly deserved the best gym in Canterbury/Nelson, there should be more gyms like yours around Christchurch and if you keep up what you are doing then you won't go far wrong. Disappointed to be going elsewhere, however, as mentioned above it doesn't make sense for me to stay at a gym in the city, especially as I prefer to go before work. Thanks very much for your help over the last few months.