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Congratulations on making the decision to get started at Bodyfix!

You can sign up and pay for your membership online and there are several options available to you. You can either pay for the entire period up front or you can pay just 1 month now and we will process your future fees by direct debit from your nominated bank account (weekly every Thursday).

If you choose the direct debit option you will pay the first month now and we will then organise to get you set up to pay your on-going membership fees. If you choose one of the fully paid options or a concession card you will pay for your entire membership period now, once this expires you will be able to renew either online or with us at the Gym.

All Membership options include full use of our weights and cardio and all of our classes including our Spin Classes.

All Memberships include 'After Hours' which means you can use the Club when we are closed, if you think you would like to have that added to your Membership please enquire about this upon your first visit to the Club.

Please choose an option and then fill in your details below to purchase a membership.

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One month

Ideal for visitors or if you are just not quite ready to take that leap yet.


Six Months

Pay for 6 months of membership and get a complimentary Personal Training session when you become a member.


10 Trip Concession Card

10 visits to Body Fix. Valid for a 3 month period. Visits entitled you to full access to everything our gym has to offer.


Weekly Direct Debit No Term

No term, $35.00/week, 4 weeks in advance.


Weekly Direct Debit 3 Month Term

3 month term, $22.55/week, 4 weeks in advance.