Dupree Plato

My story is still being written but to bring you up to speed with things back around late March I had Just got my braces removed after having them on for a year and few months which was a huge thing for me since I always wanted to get them corrected, fear to say that the day they were removed my self-esteem was at a all time high and feeling great which started giving me ideas about the rest of the body and since I had just spent 5k on my teeth any surgical correction to the body was not an option $ wise hahahahah. So was time to find a Gym!

I spoke to my Brother (also a member to bodyfix) about wanting to drop a few kg before trying to replace those kilos of fat with muscle. He told me about this new gym and put me onto Reece one of the personal trainers at bodyfix. After a couple of messages back and forth, a week later I found myself sitting in bodyfix going over what I wanted to achieve. He set me up with a program mixed with cardio, core and a bit of weights. So I now had a program to begin reaching my goal and for the sake of wanting to achieve, my weight lost began.

My goal was to strip 10kg starting @ 90.3kg

It's didn't take me long to get the exercise bug, I now had the motivation and was open for change to get to where I wanted to be. Through dieting and commitment too train hard! The kilos were coming off……. just like a prom dress.

For the first two months this is what my training schedule looked like each week.


  • Mon (Program 1) 45mins
  • Tues (Spin class) 45mins
  • Wed (Program 1) 45mins
  • Thurs (Spin class) 45mins
  • Fri (Program 1) 45mins


  • Mon (300 Program) 45mins
  • Tues (Spin class) 45mins
  • Wed (300 Program) 45mins
  • Thurs (Spin class) 45mins
  • Fri (300 Program) 45mins

With in the first month I manage to drop 6kg I was putting in the hours and trying new things even was going as far as to wearing a sweat suit to spin, it helped burn fat fast dropping nearly 2kg in fluid per class.

In the following month I clean out the other 4.3 needed to reach my goal of 80kg. Although I didn't seem have much problem trying to get the weight down wouldn't say it's easy but as my PT Reece say's "EAT CLEAN & TRAIN DIRTY" and I did…… and I Achieved!!!!

It has been 2months since I completed my weight lost goal and now currently trying to put on muscle. I still train 5-6 times per week with couple of other members that I meet whilst training at BodyFix, the gym has become like my second home, I enjoy going to BodyFix, it has this great vibe about it, I enjoy the large range of classes they offer and I've about tried them all (apart from Steve's kick class, that just looks insane haha) they have a great crew who always make you feel welcome every time you step foot inside the doors.

When I think back to what I was doing before I joint the gym …… well I cant even imagine but I feel a lot of wasted time especially because now I found something that gives me a great sense of achievement and it only takes 45mins a day, all I want to do
once I finish work is head down to BodyFix.It's true what they say about training being a life style. This has become my Bodyfix and I love it

Only advice is to set a realistic goal and just go for it!! And as I like to say

“keep on living the dream”