My name is Dionne, but most people call me Dee. I'm an account manager so I am on the road for work 3-4 days of every week.

What has you nemesis been about exercising & your body
Trying to fit excercise in when I'm on the road is really difficult. After driving for 4-500ks in a day the last thing I feel like doing is excercising 😴😒

Also, over the last 3-4 years I've had some injuries and illnesses (slipped disc in back, shoulder injury, kidney problems,  to name a few) and have been really unhappy as it has affected my ability to train. I also put on quite a bit of weight which made me feel even more unhappy. 

I have competed in the Coast to Coast and other cycling and multisport races around the South Island, and to go from such a high level of fitness  to not even being able to go for a walk around the block when I injured my back was incredibly hard. I got quite depressed for a while too.

I found out last year I was Gluten and Dairy intolerant and that my Thyroid was under performing & there it was my light bulb moment and made sense why I was feeling the way I was, especially as I felt like I just couldn't loose the weight I had put on.

Now that I have all these under control and am on a natural medicine from my thyroid I feel like a huge cloud has been lifted. Also, since the inflammation in my stomach has gone the inflammation in the rest of my body has gone too. I can finally get back to consistent exercise and start pushing myself again.

When did you start exercising & why

I first joined the gym at age 18 and have been hooked on excercise ever since. I was really skinny when I was younger and initially joined to bulk up a bit.  I remember overhearing someone saying they thought I had anorexia as I was so skinny and was super embarrassed about it.

I've tried a lot of sports and now find that a mixture of gym work, cycling and running/walking is a really good balance for me.

How did you feel when you started like exercising

Amazing... Not only because of the physical changes I could see.  But when I'm feeling fit not only am I happy in my head but I just feel like I have a real spring in my step and have more energy to get through the day.

What gyms have you tried 
I've pretty much been to most of the main gyms in ch ch over the years😁

When & why did you join Bodyfix
I joined Bodyfix after the February earthquake as my Gym closed down and one of my friends at the time was working here. With no gym for a couple of months I really needed an outlet for the stress etc of the shakes, so getting back to fitness was a priority. I drunk a lot of wine over that month of February too and noticed this on my waistline 😩

How have you found the Club

I LOVE Bodyfix!!!! It's a small gym with a great team who actually care about how you are doing. I remember when I injured my back and hadn't been in to the gym for a few weeks I got a phone call from Moo who was worried because she hadn't seen me for a while. It's this sort of 'go the extra mile' care you get from all the team at Bodyfix that makes it a great place to train. 

I feel like I've made some really great friendships at the gym too :)

What has motivated you over the time here? 

There is a great selection of group classes depending on what you feel like & all the team here really want you to do well in what ever your fitness goal is and what ever level you are at. You can always get help or advice from someone. Members are really friendly too.

Have you ever fallen off the wagon here? 
Only when I've had injuries or been sick... my back injury has taught me to appreciate the times when you can excercise and to make the most of it.

How have you found Myzone 

Omg, this is such a great tool!!! I used to think I trained hard before, but Myzone has taken my training and fitness to a whole next level. This is an instant tool that can show you how much effort you are putting in and you know from previous workouts what you can do so you keep pushing yourself. I find it makes my workouts seem to go so much quicker now too as I'm more focused on my heart rate than looking at the time. 

I work really well with goals, so I set weekly and monthly goals of how many Meps I want to earn and work towards these. This really helps when I'm on the road for work to as I know that I need to do some excercise to help reach my goals.


My partner Chris and I both have Myzone and we have a bit of fun checking each other's progress on the app. It's quite cool that you can 'like' people's workouts and give feedback on them. It pushes me seeing what other people are up to also. I've found that I haven't been focused on loosing weight or getting fit and yet I've lost weight and am fitter than I have been for ages!!! Ive had to go out and buy more fitness gear as some of my clothes are too big now!!! 


How are your motivation levels at the moment?
Through the roof😀 I'm loving excercise in the gym and also getting outdoors on my bike or in the hills for a run.

What is your main goal with health & fitness?

I just want to be happy and healthy. Having a good fitness level which allows me to go out and go for a ride etc makes me happy and I know I have to watch what I am eating to stay healthy too.


Eating healthy for me is eating whole foods.  I try and stay away from processed foods with lots of chemicals as these seem to cause a lot of inflammation in me. I was really focused on counting calories for a while, but now I count ingredients.

What piece of fitness advice would you give to others?

Be consistent and don't compare yourself to others and if you feel your motivation slipping or if you're getting bored have a couple of sessions with a personal trainer as they can help mix it up for you OR chat to one of the team about Myzone. The scales are not your friend, do not get caught up in the number.