Darryn & Jeanne Williams

Our journey begins In October 2012 we booked a trip to Rarotonga for my 40th Birthday which was on July 19th 2013.  My wife and I had found and used every excuse under the sun, in the previous 2 years not to lose the weight we had slowly put on over the years.  Now with a trip to a warm place and beautiful beaches and not looking or feeling that flash, we thought we had better shed some kilos and get in better physical shape. I talked to my sister who successfully did the 20 week challenge earlier in 2012 about shedding some weight. She gave us her eating plan that she used throughout the challenge. Holy crap!!! Salads, chicken and lots of eggs. Once again we found an excuse.

Christmas was coming up. On Christmas day I spoke with my sister about the eating plan and the way she got her head around eating healthy and making a new lifestyle choice. She told us it is easier with a trainer as they help to keep you on track and with weekly weigh in’s and a workout session is what helped her reach her goals. We knew Steve from the Pro days and joined Bodyfix when it opened.

We spoke to Steve and told him our goals. He was keen to help so now we just had to start. Steve is awesome and pushes you to exceed your limits. We needed this to keep us focused. We got started on changing our lifestyle on the 5th January, over 3 months after booking trip. 

We started with Spin on Saturday mornings and Monday nights and a workout session with Steve on Thursday nights. That first Thursday was a killer. To find out how unfit we were was scary. Steve made up a workout we could do on Sunday mornings on our own in the weights room at Body Fix to compliment the Thursday sessions we did with him. Every session with Steve, challenged us and we never repeated the same exercise sequence which meant we didn’t get bored or knew what to expect. We got to know that Steve’s cards meant a lot of sweat, hard work and some laughs. It kept us on our toes and made every session fun and interesting.

Steve’s sessions definitely got the heart rate up, as we worked on strength and cardio to shed the weight and gain our fitness back. Steve not only worked us hard at the gym, but supported us in advice on food choices, other exercise options, general health tips and overall moral support as he monitored our weight loss.  

So now we were up to 4 exercise sessions a week. The first few weeks were a huge struggle but we stuck with it. We were losing about a kilo a week. We then decided to start walking around Hagley Park on a Tuesday night. We were walking both parks for few weeks till we dared each other to try running South Hagley. Not flash. Slowly but surely over the few weeks we finally managed to run around it.

By July we were running around South Hagley twice. Wednesday and Friday nights were our only free of exercise nights. Both Steve and my sister suggested walking up the Port Hills. So on Wednesday nights we started. We started just walking from Princess Margaret Hospital up Hackthorne Rd to the Sign of the Takahe and back. Once we could do that easily we started continuing up Harry Ell to the Sign of the Kiwi.

The whole exercise thing had gone nuts. But with heaps of variety we weren’t getting bored and stuck with it. Still losing 500grams to a kilo a week we were really starting to feel awesome. We were watching what we ate but not to the point of counting calories. By the time our pre trip weigh in rolled around on the 13th of July, I (Darryn) had lost 18.5kg and Jeanne 11.2kg. Awesome. Bring on Rarotonga!!!

So BIG thanks go out to Steve and Bodyfix for helping us achieve our goals and helping us keep at it – we highly recommend this Club to anyone who is looking for motivation and a passionate team of people to keep you going!!!!!!!!!!!