We want to inspire or encourage people to exercise or even just to get people to start.  Here we share the story of a member who has been a member with us for nearly 12mths.  We share her thoughts of her time at the gym.
Success comes in many different forms and we have said it before & we will say it again Success is not always measured by how much weight we lose and people do not always join a gym to lose weight, well it is not always a main focus. Here at Bodyfix we acknowledge and understand that it is so much more at times as
everyone is so different.
Sometimes the success is just even starting………..

Was there a specific reason for joining the gym? I wanted to keep fit and mobile, as get older it is what we all need to be doing and yes I wanted to lose a little weight.
 How did you come about Bodyfix? A work colleague recommended it so I thought ok ill give it a go.
 What has your past experiences of gyms been like? Very limited. I joined a gym about 8 years ago but only went for a few months then finished wasn’t really for me.
What was your first initial impression of Bodyfix? I started off with Personal Training and I had no experience or expectations, however Personal Training & Me didn’t really hit it off but I stuck with it.   I wasn’t too sure if I would stay at the gym to be honest but started doing classes and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I knew I needed to give it a good go, as my methods I had used previously had not worked so I was determined to try.  I have been consistent with coming to Bodyfix over the year I have been here and really seen results.
What sort of exercise had you done in the past? Walking & biking with the kids & grandkids, which I really enjoy & still do that now.  It is so good to do with them especially when they are young & I feel it is so  important to install those good habits into them. 

 What is your biggest regret in regards to your health & fitness? That I didn't start looking after myself sooner. I really do regret that but hey it is never too late to start.
 What is your health & fitness goal at present? Just to now maintain weight, increase strength, mobility and just train for life.
What is your outlook towards your health & fitness moving forward?  Get fitter/stronger and join a tramping club. Always good to add that social element into working out which is what I enjoy at Bodyfix as I have a couple of my friends training here now.
Your advice to anyone looking at joining a Club?  Try it out first if you can.  Are they are one stop club, meaning do they have everything that will cater for your needs. Personal Trainers, Classes etc but most of all is it a supportive club that cares and has good service overall.
Your advice to anyone looking at starting his or her health & fitness journey?
Learn/research/eat  "real" food - not processed.

If you would you like to share your journey with us please send us a email.  Remember it can be anonymous.  You just never know who you might inspire.