Bodyfix Gym Values and Mission StatementOur Mission Statement

‘To make a difference in peoples lives’

Values are the core of everything we do

  • Inner Strength
  • Personal Leadership
  • Exude Passion
  • Fearless
  • Progressive
  • Stay Humble
  • Make It Fun

Inner Strength

- If you have something to say about someone “take it to the person”

- If you see behaviour that is unprofessional, inappropriate or damaging to the team or the brand then “stand up and be counted”

- If you see a team member in trouble or needing support then help them

- If you see a team member struggling with their work then offer to help

- Dedication to each other and an attitude of mutual respect and support

- Take pride in our roles, the way we look, present and carry ourselves both as individuals and as a team

Personal Leadership

- Personal responsibility and accountability for ourselves, our role, our team and our values

- Complete ownership of our policies, protocols and the “way we do business”

- A desire to contribute to improve “the way we do business”

- Open and honest communication with each other with a view to personal and business improvement

- Personal ownership, accountability and responsibility vs. blame, excuses and denial

. Personal responsibility to do the job the way it is supposed to be done and to the very best of our ability.

Exude Passion

- Love what we do and do what we love

- A do what it takes attitude to get the job done

- A do it once and do it right ethos


- Not scared to go the extra mile

- We are a leader, not a follower & we will try things and be innovative

- Approach each day with a positive mindset

- Never be afraid to embrace change as the catalyst for improvement and opportunity

- A commitment to listen to new ideas, to follow through on them where possible and where not to communicate why

- Encourage and nurture creative and out of the box thinking of new ways to deal with the old ways & challenges

- Never be afraid to look for new ways to make us, our teams, our Club look and feel clean and fresh everyday

- Never be scared to change before change is needed


- We understand the industry but have the courage of our own convictions to go down our own path - C.A.N.I (Constant and Never Ending Improvement)

- We commit to personal development and seek out opportunities to learn and grow

- Help team members to grow personally and financially through guidance and support

- Grow and create opportunities for individuals to grow in the team

- Totally committed to members achieving their goals. Take personal responsibility to achieve this and pride in the outcomes.

Stay Humble

- Always be considerate of each person in our team & those in our industry

- Never be afraid to learn off others in our team, there is no room for ego’s

- Remember everyone brings to the team a skillset

- Remember we are all different

- Always think before we speak or reply at all times – Is it true, is it necessary and most of all is it kind

Make it FUN