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zumba class for charity

Zumba Party Class - Friday 25th May 2018 

Would you like to do something for charity? If you have toyed with volunteering your time, but don't like the idea of shaking a bucket at people on a busy street corner, why not come along to our Charity Zumba Class.

Be part of something wonderful & help make a difference and dance your sneakers off!

Join tata & Kim for a Charity Zumba Class. All proceeds go to the Mental Health Foundation. 

Dancing. Helping a charity. Keeping fit. What's not to love.

Where: Bodyfix Gym

When: Friday 25th May 2018 6pm - 7pm

Cost: $10

How to buy a ticket: Call 03 389 9892 or sending us an email to info@mybodyfix.co.nz

*Limited to 50 tickets so be in quick!