Spring into Action - September @ the gym

Try something new this month; whether it be...

- Trying a different class 
- Booking in with a Personal Trainer to get a programme
- Talk to your Personal Trainer about learning a new exercise
- Buy a Myzone and monitor your effort

So nothing to stressful for September :) There is loads you can do in the Club.  September is about encouraging everyone to just try something new and just do one thing that you wouldn't normally do. Even if it is just one thing in the month.......


Trainers Picks - Recommended events through til the end of the year!

Pink Ribbon Walk - Saturday 28th October 2017

A couple of our Team are doing this again this year (the 21km) so if anyone out there would like to join us can you let us know that would be great. 

Hellers Pegasus Bay Fun Run - Sunday 1 October

11km & 6km options - Read more

Crater Rim Ultra - Sunday 15th October

On our very own Port Hills- Read more 

Boulder Bay Classic - Sunday 29th October

Another local event  starting at Taylors Mistake beach 10.5km trail along the Godley Head track- Read more 

Stadium Challenge - Sunday 26th November

Scale over 5000 stairs. This unique challenge takes stair climbing to a whole new level and to the top of the stadium all the way to the bottom and back to the top; yes then all the way back to the bottom and to the top again and again and again……. 
Read more 

ASB Summer Starter - Sunday 26th November

Not your average fun run 

The ongoing Challenge ...

Need a little motivation - well this one is for you - A little challenge for anyone using the club.

Starting February  (and running all the way through til December) at the end of each month everyone who has visited will be grouped - There are 4 groups.
- Those who visit 2 times a week
- Those who visit 3 times a week
- Those who visit 4 times a week
- Those who visit 5/6/7 times a week

Prize - We will draw 1 name from each group every month and that person will win a FREE WEEK - so a week where you do not have to pay for your membership.

Please Note - It is pretty bloody easy ! To be honest all you have to do is visit & workout :) Oh and swipe your card!!!! 
Make sure that you sign in if you are in after hours OR get one of us to sign you in if you have forgotten it.

- - -

Please email or call the Club or message us on Facebook if you have any questions.

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