The ongoing Challenge ...

Need a little motivation - well this one is for you - A little challenge for anyone using the club.

Starting February  (and running all the way through til December) at the end of each month everyone who has visited will be grouped - There are 4 groups.
- Those who visit 2 times a week
- Those who visit 3 times a week
- Those who visit 4 times a week
- Those who visit 5/6/7 times a week

Prize - We will draw 1 name from each group every month and that person will win a FREE WEEK - so a week where you do not have to pay for your membership.

Please Note - It is pretty bloody easy ! To be honest all you have to do is visit & workout :) Oh and swipe your card!!!! 
Make sure that you sign in if you are in after hours OR get one of us to sign you in if you have forgotten it.

- - -

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